Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, I've been tagged!

Okay, the 10 interesting things got handed to me, but as I sit here, I can't imagine that there are 10 interesting things about me.......

1) I have two of the most beautiful children in the world. Well, now they are grown men, but they will always be "kids" to me! My oldest is studying to get his master's degree in Forensic Anthropology and has been married for two years. My youngest played one year of college football, but hasn't figured out what life has in store for him yet, but he will. He's a smart kid. I love them both very much.

2) I have an amazing husband who I fell in love with immediately. He is truly my hero. He's jumped out of helicopters, swam with sharks, been on five continents, been to war, is a fireman, and loves me and his kids with everything that he is!

3) I come from a very Irish background and my grandmother and grandfather came here from County Cork, Ireland to Ellis Island right around 1900 (1902 I think). I am very proud of my Irish heritage. That is probably the only country I care to visit at this stage in my life.

4) I have lived in Japan, twice. First when I was ages 4-7, then again at the ripe old age of 20. My father was in the Navy and then I married someone in the Navy. Go figure. I learned Japanese when I was little, but didn't remember much when I went back as an adult. Its amazing living in another culture/country. I don't remember too much from childhood, but I remember a lot from my second trip there. My husband was already in Japan and I flew, by myself (not quite, I had a one year old in tow), terrified, to another country, hoping and praying my hubby would be at the airport to meet me!

5) I am a country girl at heart that loves city conveniences. Horses have always been my true passion, but after the hubby and I got married and started moving everywhere, we had to give up the horses...then, the family came along, and life happened. I want to get some land now that the kids are grown and get back to riding horses. Of course, I need to have a starbucks at least within 50 miles of me!!

6) I have spent way too much time in my life being afraid of my own shadow. I never let anyone mistreat my children, but I can let others run me over in a minute. I need to start loving myself like I love my children! In high school I let my fear keep me from my graduation (graduated, just didn't go to graduation). I didn't know it then, but I had an anxiety problem. Have had many an anxiety attack since then!

7) I am also, very much, a dog person. Well an animal person anyway. My daugher-in-law calls me the dog whisperer. I can train a dog so easily. She thinks I have a calling. I love animals, but you have to make sure they know they are the animals and you are the human. People tend to forget that. I have five beautiful dogs - two golden retrievers, one pug, one husky/lab/wolf mix, and a lab/pitbull mix that was born under the school that I work at! Call me crazy, but I love them.

8) I love football! No, really. (Watching Ohio St. vs. Texas right now!!!) Even my husband says I know more about football than he does. Comes from having boys play football from the time they were six!!

9) I'm always the person that gets called on for everything. The "go to" person....Not the one everyone picks first, but always the one they have to go to get things done. I guess that's why I do a lot of work for my boss that is her responsibility. Its annoying. I am very OCD when it comes to my work. There is not another secretary in our system that does the things I do, yet, I do them.....but, I love my job, just not my boss. She can't do the charts, and graphs, and spreadsheets, or any other computer program she needs to do for her job, she calls on me to do it...............but since I can't be there to give the presentations for her, it is nice to know that she always falls on her face when called upon to explain herself! ITs funny really. I am the financial person where I work, so she hasn't got a clue about what comes in and goes out, yet I submit them to her on a monthly basis for approval. Oh, and budget.....she wouldn't have a clue (enough of that, I could go on all night).

10) On the outside you would see me as a tough, pulled-together individual (except for the weight of course) and on the inside I am a marshmallow. I cry at sappy movies. I love babies and puppies (obviously). I love people, yet enjoy being by myself!

Ok, that was 10......may not be interesting, but there they are!


Stages of Change said...

A couple thoughts:

-Your husband sounds like a heck of guy.

- I too have irish heritage and want very badly to go there. I hope we both have the opportunity!

- Inept boss = bad times. But good for you for taking the bull by the horns anyway

- and lastly, babys and puppys ARE cute :)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Skye's the Limit said...

Wow! Awesome job describing yourself! I feel like I've learned so much about you! Thanks for sharing that! :o)

Losing Waist! said...

Love the list! I am glad that you did it. I love hearing a bit about everyone that is separate from our battles with weight loss!

Your husband sounds amazing and supportive and I love the way you talk about your boys!

Estela said...

CJ, LOVE your facts, but ESPECIALLY #9!! When we have to prepare budget for following school year, I work it, balance it, give it to principal and say, "sign it, trust me, it's balanced." And don't even get me started on different functions, she wants to transfer funds between staff dev. and instructional, bet. administrative and parental involvement..UGH!!!

And me, who MUST balance my personal ck book down to the penny!! HAHA

Estela in South TX

Dani said...

I love your list CJ and I just saw the pictures of your sons and they are very handsome. I can feel the sense of pride you have for your family through your writing. You already know what a dog lover I am so I feel a kinship with you already! After all, any one who loves dogs is an amazing human being! ;o)

Carlos said...

great list!

Kimberly said...

I'm half Irish and one of the rewards I have in store when I reach my goal weight is to go to Europe - Ireland will be my first trip.

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