Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another day in the bizarre south!!!

Yep, I live in the south. Yep, I have said it before. Have I told you how bizarre it can be to live here? Well, I will now.

I have lived here the majority of my life with some detours in California (several times) and Japan (twice). When it snows here, flurries send people over the edge. No one can drive (that's true any time of year, haha). Flurries send people to the grocery store causing otherwise sane people to stock their fridges with 20 days of food! Flurries make otherwise sane school officials cancel classes in fear that buses cannot drive on the snow (WHAT SNOW?). Oh as I child I loved it. As an employee of the school system, I LOVE IT! Most of the years I spent in school, snow days made children almost as happy at Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy combined. But, especially in the last six years since I have been working for the school system, we just haven't been having any snow days. Barely any. Must be global warming (WHATEVER! - what nonsense).

Okay, I said all that to tell you this.............Tomorrow, schools are closed here in my little town. WHY, you ask? Because its cold. Yep, I said - BECAUSE IT'S COLD!! WHO DOES THAT? Okay, I am not complaining by any means. With all I have been through lately, I need the extra day off. But, school is closed tomorrow because its cold and the wind chill is going to be somewhere between 10-20 below zero. Ok, children in upstate New York, or Minnesota, Or North Dakota, or Wisconsin, or anywhere else that gets REAL snow, REAL cold temperatures, REAL winters....I don't think they get out for this stuff.

Okay, DISCLAIMER here:.....I realize that it will be cold in the morning. I realize we are not prepared here in the south for these kinds of temperatures. I know there are some parents who will send their babies out into the cold and have them stand there forever waiting on the buses......BUT REALLY? Closed due to the cold!

It's a first for me and I just wanted to share! Of course, staying on program is always hard for me on weekends and days off......but I will just have to suck it up and make it work. This is still mind blowing for me! LOL Too Bizarre!!


Losing Waist! said...

Yeah. In 80 inches of snow since Dec 17th I think there were like two or three days of canceled school. It doesn't matter when it is cold. It can be as cold as it can get and they don't close schools until there is a complete catastrophe with snow!

Skye's the Limit said...

LOL!!! If it makes you feel any better, I heard on the news this evening that there are several parishes here in Louisiana that are closing their schools tomorrow for the same reason. It's simply going to be too cold! :o)

I guess the snow we got in December just threw everyone for a loop! lol

Katrina said...

New to your blog. I follow spunkysuzi too. I just moved to Phoenix from Utah. A few weeks ago teachers had to allow kids extra time to get to school because it was raining. I am used to kids being allowed extra time to get to school because it is a crazy blizzard with black ice and honestly we have no business being in school kind of weather. Rain?!? Silly desert people.

bbubblyb said...

Yea here in Maryland they seem to close the schools for silly reasons too. My kids have off half day today and Monday and Tuesday too lol. I guess just enjoy your extra time home and wish for more cold days lol.

Carlos said...

lol today is the second "cold" day school closing in a row. makes no difference to me but the missus is going batshit

Kimberly said...

I laugh my butt off at the people who break out the winter gear when it dips to 70 degrees.

I agree though. Folks in the south flip the hell out over a little cold front. It is hilarious!

Fried Jeff said...

As someone originally from California, I had no idea what weather was until I moved to Washington (and it isn't that bad here).

When we had our first snowfall, we didn't leave the house for over four days. I was afraid to drive around in it. Now I'm cool with some snow, but I don't know what I'd do at 20 below zero. I'd definitely stay home. That's cold!

Katrina's comment is funny. I know all about silly desert people. The TV News would have a major StormWatch coverage whenever it rained or sprinkled. We get rain like that all the time here. lol

I hope you stay warm and have a nice weekend.

Chuck said...

I live in West Michigaqn and we have alrerady ahd about 5 foot of snow. We close schools here when it gets that cold, which is actually rare for us because of Lake Michigan.

I know what you mean about panicking though. I have family in Arkansas who are from Michigan. They said they find it amusing when they get an inch or two of snow and people fall apart. We have had several snow falls of over 6 inches this year, it's what your used to.

Katschi (Karen) said...

Boy, I think we were tougher when I was a kid. I had to walk through knee deep snow to get to school when I was a kid.
Canadian though, eh? We're tough up here :)

The Daily Gun Picture said...

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