Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, the kids are gone, but it ain' over!!

Okay, so today was the last day of school............for the kids. I still have three more weeks! Yeah me! What a hell of a day! I am worn out. I love teachers, especially the ones I work with, but OMG, they are as needy as the kids! Nuff said!

I am sitting on the veranda, sipping a mint julip, while looking out over the north 40! Okay, really! I am sitting on my back porch, drinking unsweet tea, looking out of the cow pasture that is just past my back yard! Ha! Sounds better the other way! Its a beautiful day here in the south. I am watching the birds feverishly eat all the food I set out for them and watching the herd (my dogs) play. All I can hear are the birds chirping. Its quite relaxing. A cool breeze is blowing. Not to hot here in the south yet. Just got into the 80s today. That's hotter than I like it, but I am not complaining because in a month it will be close to 100!

Just wanted to say hi to everybody! I haven't really been dieting these days, but have managed to lose another 2 lbs. I certainly won't complain about that either! At least its in the right direction!

Peace out people!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've said it before.....and I'll say it again..........

Thank you everybody for your amazing support! I can feel down and come here and either get a wonderfully, supportive comment or go to your blogs and read some of your struggles and know I am not alone....whether that's weight issues or just "life" issues. This blog has helped in many ways! I appreciate each and every one of you who have stopped by to read and/or comment! Thank you!

Now, we had a little family get together on silly sister thought it would be a wonderful thing to take pictures.....OMG! I looked terrible. I know I have lost and have done pretty well at maintaining. I lost 44 lbs. originally and then gained back 15. I have maintained that for several months now. I guess I was just kidding myself because looking at these pictures...........................I don't look any better, AT ALL! I know, I can hear all of you now! "So, what are you going to do about it?" Obviously, I must do something! I have gone down two sizes and definitely do not want to go back up. I have enjoyed smaller sizes. So, headed back to the Weight Watchers site. Gotta get back to the basics and kick my own butt! We go to the beach in 32 days. Wouldn't it be nice to be 10 - 15 lbs. lighter? I know I can do it! It's the want to I am having a hard time with. Tomorrow is a new day and I really want tomorrow to be different! I just have to quit sabotaging myself! That's my hardest part. I get tired and lazy and unmotivated and let it all go! Why do I do that? My youngest son goes up and down with his weight ---- we are talking 10-20 lbs. He is 6'3" and 220 at the moment. However, he has the same food addiction I do. That is something I truly didn't want to hand down to my child/children. He asked me the other day "Mom, why do I quit eating healthy when I know how wonderful I feel when I am eating right?" My answer? I didn't have one! WHY? Because I do the very same thing to myself. So, he is going to try this with me! He is so athletic and can get right up and start a workout routine with no trouble. Me, no, I can't do that! I am proud of his physical drive. I need to take some of that from him!

So, there's my rant for the day! Tomorrow is a new day! Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

Just putting down my thoughts today. This past week was a little better, however, I didn't manage to accomplish much of the work I needed to accomplish, whether that's at school or at home. I need to work late every day this week and next. Not making me too driven to go to work these next two weeks.

My mom is doing better. She is staying by herself with me running up to her house every evening to make sure she eats. She is being a little stubborn on that end. She lives about 35 minutes away, so its truly not a fun thing to do every single day. She is able to do most things by herself at her house. She's being a little stubborn and well I feel guilty because I really don't have the patience for a 74 year old woman having to be treated like she's a toddler! I love her though and will endure!

My ankles are still swelling so the doctor upped my medication. We will see how that works. Most of my other problems have pretty much been resolved. Just the swelling ankles now.

I haven't been eating well, obviously, but my weight is not going up, so that's a good thing. I am still trying to be mindful of what I am eating and drinking. I have not been home long enough to cook like I should, but hopefully that's going to change. I need a cook! And a maid! Then maybe I could stay on track! I doubt it! LOL


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A little update

My mom is doing a little better. Will not have to have surgery after all. That's a big relief. She still can't do things by herself so still having to take care of her. My sister did come and help yesterday and today. Too bad she doesn't live closer! Mom is back at my house tonight and I am not sure when she will be able to do things for herself. I think she's milking this for all its worth! LOL

Work is hell. Thanks Estella for the support. You definitely know what I am going through. Now besides having TCAP at this time of year (just finished), field days, field trips, budgets, textbook inventories, school inventory, and impending audit, I guess the boss-lady felt I didn't do enough and I have to go to training to do our website. We are losing our computer teacher/technician and she said I was the next person in line re: computer knowledge, etc. I am grateful she sees it that way, however, I didn't need yet another thing added......Okay, now that I have bitched, I can just get over it, cuz I am gonna have to do it......!

Thanks for the kind words everybody~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the hits just keep on coming!

Okay, so I'm here to vent, so if you are looking for an upbeat, OP, diet goddess type of post, better move on. OP - don't even know what that means these days. Obviously I am not committed, but need to be committed (literally) --- Going crazy here!

So, the sunburn is much better. That's a plus. I am peeling and look like I have a skin disease, but it doesn't hurt.

Like I said, I haven't been eating well and know I need to. Tired of fast food and eating out and need to eat at home. So, this leads me to the week I have been having. The sunburn did get infected on my feet and had to go to the doctor for some cream. Its better. Then, my mother fell on Wednesday about 11:00 in the morning. She fell in her front yard and couldn't get up. Luckily after sitting on the ground in her front yard, her neighbor came out to check his mail. She luckily yelled to him and he came and helped her up. So, she calls me after I get off work that afternoon to tell me that she had fallen, but just bruised her arm up a bit but that she was fine. She lives about 30 minutes from me, out in the country. So, after a 20 minute conversation of me saying I would rush right up there, she convinced me she was fine, so I didn't go. I should have. She is stubborn and I know that. So, Thursday morning at about 5:00 a.m. my mother calls me and says she is hurting very badly and that she cannot get herself off the couch. (She has been getting weaker over the last year or so and getting up out of chairs, etc. has become hard for her). So, I rushed up there and got her up only to see that her right wrist/arm was severely bruised, and I knew looking at it that it must be broken. So, I got her up and brought her back to my house, called her doctor and luckily got her in to see him by that afternoon. He walked right in and said, I don't even have to x-ray it, its broken! (He did x-ray it and it was broken in two places with a chipped bone as well). So, this is my mother's right hand/arm and she is right handed. About 27 years ago she fell and broke her elbow on her left arm and her elbow joint had to be fused so her arm doesn't stretch all the way out, so this makes life for her very difficult. Her left arm doesn't half work and her right one is out of commission. Its been like having an infant in the house again! Its not fun for either of us. Its hard to see her getting older. She's my mom. She's always been invincible. I love her dearly and knowing that she's getting older and not doing well hasn't been easy to swallow these days. I spent the weekend with her at her house so she could actually get some rest in her own bed. Now we are back at my house because I have to work tomorrow. She goes to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. One of my sisters is coming down from Nashville tomorrow to help Monday night and then help take her to the doctor on Tuesday.

So, that's been my week. Oh and that of course doesn't even include work. The lazy keep getting lazier, the kids are hanging from the rafters, the teachers are all bleery-eyed and ready for this all to be over, and me, well, as everyone else prepares to wind down the school years, mine picks up for the next few weeks. So, stress at home and stress at work. Makes for one bitchy woman......That's me!

On the upside, my husband and son that still lives at home have been so wonderful with me and my mom since she fell. The hubby came up to Mom's house and lifted her couch up so she could get up and down by herself. The son came up and helped clean the house. Though I did most of the cleaning at her house, he was helpful and he is a very caring soul for one so young!

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