Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay, let me preface this by saying...I'M NOT A DRAMA PERSON! I am a "take care of business" person. I do not like attention. I do what has to be done. I'm not a "sickie".

It seems like my being off the end of the year didn't make the drama at work go away. Used to I would head for the fridge by now, but luckily, I am walking away my stress these days.

I am a people person. I have said this before. I like people.......I like being around them, but it seems like I am surrounded by a bunch of women who are trying to out do each other in the drama department. Every Monday, I go to work. Happy and bouncy and ready for the day. By about 10 a.m., I feel like I have the life sucked right out of me. One of my aides always has a crisis that is life or death, but when you pin her down, its "Oh, it can wait!" The week before my surgery, she came in and her daughter had to have emergency hernia surgery and when I didn't balk (she really thought I would re-schedule), oh, well, her 15 year old daughter decided she didn't want the surgery! WHAT? Who is the parent? What happened to it being life or death? Well, not this person's son is on his death bed, but the doctor said he would be fine to wait and see a specialists next week? WHAT? Then, another aide is pregnant, can run down the hall to get mixed into someone else's business, but is too sick to do her own work.

Again, I am a "get it done" worker. I am the kind of person you want in a crisis because I react, take care of things, and then later I think about it!! LOL I am cool-headed and handle myself well, crisis or no. I am professional. I am a hard worker! I am so tired of not being able to go to work and do my job due to all the drama. I am constantly having to cover something for these two! HELP!

Okay, just needed to vent. These things usually lead me to eat, eat, eat. I am doing my best to stay away from the fridge!!!

Okay, my BP is down and I am relaxed...........!!!


twinkelydots said...

No matter how old we get life is still high school.

Stages of Change said...

Get it OUT! Better here than "soothing" the ruckus through a trip to that damn fridge. Well done!

Also, love your work attitude.

Lynn said...

Great that you can vent here! It is so much better than holding it in and letting it eat at you! Good for you!

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on not eating over this. Hang in there. That's why I have to admit I prefer to work with men, less drama lol.

mcc394 said...

oh man, I am unemployed at the momentdue to lay - offs. butin my "former" profession I managed a bunch of table games dealers at a casino. They were all drama queens. So i can totarelate to the "getting the life sucked out of you" on a daily basis.

Ive never been more at peace in the the last 15 years as i am right now. unemployed. lol

CJ said...

Sorry mcc394, I should've more sensitive to those without jobs. I am grateful to have one....., very grateful these days.

bubblyb - me too! We womenz is bitches! LOL I'm sure people think I am harsh, because after about 10 daily crises, my eyes glazes over, my ears tend to shut and I have to go to my corner just to survive! LOL

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