Friday, January 16, 2009

The End of Week Two

So, this is the end of week two back at work after the hysterectomy. I have also had two, almost three weeks back on WW. I think I am doing pretty good. With the exception of last night of course. Stressful day, blah blah blah, then the girls night out dinner (which by the way I planned out and did very well) and then finding out that school was closed (which was NOT stressful), but I came home and yes, I ate those damned pringles, a cadbury egg and heath bar (half of one!! LOL). So, as I sat there, disgusted with myself, I was thinking..soooo what the hell is stopping me from making this a full fledged BINGE! Oh, I headed to the fridge, but there really wasn't anything in there that I wanted, especially since any of it would've had to have been cooked, and well with the exhaustion I have been having, no way in hell!! So, I sat back in my chair and after a few minutes of self-loathing, I decided to add up all the shit I had eaten. I mean, I spent the whole day, eating barely any points because we were having our monthly girls night out dinner...........but I ate very healthy at the dinner and had barely any points (6 pts at dinner, go figure!).

Well, after adding, and "guess-tim-ating" (high I might add), I didn't go over my points. I literally was ready to just chunk the whole thing because I had screwed up without even checking how badly I had done so. Well, I felt much better. Still mad at myself for binge-ing, but happy that I stayed within my points. DAMN THOSE CADBURY EGGS! "Baaachhh baccchhhhh - Thanks Easter Bunny!"""""

So, I am determined not to let it define me this week. I have started walking in the gym after work (too cold outside here - haha), so I had earned 4 pts. afterschool yesterday and didn't use them.

Today, I have done very well on program. Still have a few points left and its nearly 10 p.m. I worked out again today. Have got my positive outlook back. That positive outlook of my tends to be very "shy" and runs away from me a lot, but she's with me right now! So, after a nearly crappy eating disaster, I turned it around and made it a positive. Made me work harder! We all know that's what it's going to take, even though it really pisses me off!

Take care!


Debby said...

So awesome you tracked what you ate!

I promise next time I eat what I don't have planned that I too shall journal it. Yep, if you can do it, I can too!

Losing Waist! said...

BBBBRRRRR! I bet you are cold! I love Tennessee (as having lived outside of Blowing Rock (NC) for a year and going to Johnson City (TN) for the summer for five years! LOVE IT! I must say that cold was not what I remember from my winter in Blowing Rock. I would love to live back in the Wester NC or Easter TN area again. I love those mountains and I love the people. What part of TN are you in?

Anyway. You do sound like you are keeping positive in the midst of the various ups and downs of week two!

Chews to Lose said...

You did well at dinner with your friends so that is huge. It's hard to make healthy choices going out.

Cadbury eggs - oh no! I can't believe those are out already. My pitfall is the Dove eggs and the Milky Way eggs. Not sure why - but I love those things.

Linda said...

augh, cadbury eggs!

Barefoot Pixie said...

You said the "C" word - Cadbury. That evil, evil chicken-bunny. I love/hate those things with all my heart!

I'm glad you are recuperating well. Good luck with the coming week.

Katschi (Karen) said...

Now I see what you were talking about when you left a comment tonight! LOL!
I just wanted it sooo bad, ya know?
I haven't had any cake since Oct and dammit, I wanted it!
It's good you tracked everything, eh? I tend to try to ignore what I eat when I binge. But I guess it pays to pay attention. YOu could've really blown it over nothing!
All this work pisses me off too!
I KNOW my weight is going to be way up tomorrow because of this.
YOu know what I can't figure out?
When people without a weight problem have pig out days, why doesn't their weight go up so drastically over one meal or day?

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