Friday, January 30, 2009

My favorite day of the week!!

I so love FRIDAYS! It is truly my favorite day of the week. First, for me, its the last day of the work week. Friday NIGHTS are actually my favorite time of the week. Work is over and the whole weekend is ahead of you! WOOOHOOO!

Its been a pretty good week overall. Had two snow days off from school. I enjoyed them, yet ate badly and had the blahs really bad. I do better working I guess. I definitely do better food wise. My friend/co-worker are walking after work now and wow, it definitely makes me feel better after work. All these years of people telling me to just workout after you get home and you will feel more energized........well, hate to say it.........but they were right!!

Think the hubby is still going through "men"opause. He is still in sour mood. He's a great guy, but guess he's going through his blahs too. Guess I will give him some space and a little patience. Though there are times when I would just rather he would just GO SOMEWHERE ELSE for goodness sakes! I don't like darkens my moods and especially darkens his!

Back at work for several weeks now and am feeling much better physically...however, I am being over-run by GERMS....yep! The Germ-X factory is making money off of me! My little kiddos and the never-ending run of runny noses, barking coughs, and projectile vomiting. TIS THE SEASON! Every time I turned around today, this one's head hurt, vomiting, crying because someone looked at me wrong.........felt like I was back 20 years raising my kids or something! Luckily, I have an aide who is the receptionist and she gets to handle the bad parts before I get involved! She handles the pukers, I handle blood and guts. Its our compromise! LOL So, I am hoping, everybody gets through with being sick and comes back happy and healthy Monday....either that or I am spraying them all with Lysol as they walk in the door!

That's enough for this Friday evening! Have a great weekend. Stay on your program the best you can. Walk. Enjoy life. Watch the super bowl! yeah baby!


Andrea said...

Fridays are nice I agree. I'm hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow because my kids don't have school, but they'll probably wake up early, as usual! It drives me NUTS! On days that they have school, I have to drag them out of bed. On days that they can sleep in, they wake up early. I feel like I want to pull out my hair when they do that! LOL
I love bein' a mom though! No other job even compares!
Oh yeah, one more thing, I WILL NOT be watching the super bowl! I'm not a football fan, sorry to all the foot ball fans out there! :)

Debby said...

I'm fine with blood and guts. It's the puke that knocks me out.

You'd have to spray me with Lysol as I'm sneezing and snotting like crazy over here! I didn't even go to Mah Jongg today as I didn't want to infect any of the little old ladies!

Enjoy your weekend!

*Kristine* said...

I could not survive without my secretary. I hope that the staff at your campus lets you know daily how awesome you are and that they couldn't survive without you!

Lynn said...

I love Fridays as well. Friday nights there is no pressure. I go to the gym and come home to spend time with hubby and the pups. We just relax.

I hope you have a great weekend...and that it does not go too quickly!

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