Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love me some sunshine!!!!

Okay, so the sun is out and its 65 degrees here. I am loving this. While I like winter and snow and all, have been feeling a blah and sure am enjoying today's sunshine. It maybe short-lived as we have thunderstorms moving into the area, but I sat outside and got some vitamin D and boy does it make you feel better. It's amazing what a little sun does for your peace of mind and your energy levels. My prayer today is that everyone lets a little sunshine in today (literally and figuratively).

Diet going slow, but still going. Lost 8 lbs. total and while it's not as fast, I'm not really trying as hard it's my own fault. I am feeling good and doing more and moving more, so this is a plus for me. Eating better, but not the best. I know I can do better, and I shall!!!

Just a little check-in..........!! May you all have sunshine in your lives today!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Yep, that's right! Nothing was in normal amounts or portions. We had it all. Fried everything was on the menu! Mexican food. Chicken wings. Chinese steamed dumplings (more for the hubby). Lil smoked sausages. Southwestern egg rolls. Chips of all sorts and my favorite Coca Cola! Of course. No, I wasn't watching portion sizes or calories obviously, but I didn't pig out as I usually do. I just couldn't. I am glad I couldn't. I was miserable enough, but somehow, I got a signal that said stop. I don't usually get that signal..........well I might get it but I obviously have learned to tune that damned thing out!! Oh, I forgot the football cupcakes......which were scrumptious! It was all good and I probably gained, but we had a good time and my team won, so hey it was worth it!!!

I usually love the colts and Peyton Manning (he went to UT and so did my son)...but a young man from my son's high school who also was closer to his age and went to UT as well was on the saints team. He is a hometown boy so we had to root for him!! He ALMOST made an interception in the end zone during the last two minutes of the game, but his foot was out of bounds....DARN!

Anyway all is good in the world at the moment. The son and daughter in law are working things out. She is feeling better and in a better frame of mind. Had another snow day today, which is always good for those of us who work for a school system. Of course, the snow came, melted, and the rest of the day was great. BUT, now the snow is back and the superintendent won't go ahead and call schools this evening, she is waiting until the morning because basically, she was made a fool of today. We should've been in school! I feel like crapola, so I enjoyed having the time off and would like another please!! Got a cold/cough from somewhere and could use another do nothing day!

Anyway, gonna go for now!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 will be missed...YAY...Pixie is back

Okay, so today I got on and was reading blogs, etc. So, I go down to my blog roll and click on Carlos's's not there! NO!!!!! Yes, I knew he was going to do it, but he will be missed. So, Carlos, if you read this......Miss You Bud!!! You brought a lot of humor and honesty our way and we will all be sad not having your words of wisdom everyday. I know you are emotionally exhausted and the blog just drains you even more, but again, we have all lost a little bright spot in our day without you!

Okay, also so glad that the little pixie is back from her cruise. I hate that she didn't have a good time, but hey, reading about her adventures definitely brightened the day....even though the cruise sucked.

I have been trying to read more blogs to get inspiration from all of you. I have been looking over this, she has some great recipes! Thanks TJ!

It's amazing that there are so many of "US" out there in the same boat (No pun intended Carlos). Sometimes our boat is a little leaky, but hey, we're in it together. Thanks to all of you for opening up your life and allowing others to be inspired!

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