Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scale Suprise

Yes, I went to WW today and weighed in and stayed for the meeting. I do find going to the meetings and weighing in gives me some accountability. I lost 1.6 this week for a total of 11.8 in three weeks. Not too shabby I say!! I was surprised because I had Red Lobster Friday night and taco bell last night. I did stay within my points, but I don't like eating out that much when I am dieting. If I do eat out, I hardly ever do fast food. I know I can eat well at RL with grilled shrimp, broccoli, etc. Especially if I stay away from the biscuits. But, fast food? Well, I stayed within my points range yesterday, but I sure didn't feel good from it. I didn't give me a stomach ache or anything, just the blahs!!!

I have started walking with a friend everyday after school and its really helped my energy level. I called the doctor's office Friday and have an appointment to see him on Feb. 13th. Have to get these hormones checked. They have been kind "whacked" out since the hysterectomy, so we need to check on some things. Guess my remaining one little ovary is a bit overwhelmed! Since making the decision to have this hysterectomy I have read everything I can get my hands on about the hysterectomy, hormones, etc. and I must say, our bodies are amazing. It truly amazes me how the simplest things can set off a chain of events in our bodies. I am truly not a doctor person so, deciding to go was big. I am a "I will try to fix it on my own" person. And I have tried. They did give me something to help me sleep, at least until I can get to see the doctor. Well, I took it last night and feel like a different person today! So, that helped. Going to try and not take them often, but it was nice to sleep for several hours at a time! LOL

Well, that's my day so far. Hope everyone is doing great! I love all my blogging friends/buddies! Thanks for the continued support!


BigBootyJudy said...

Great job on your weight loss!! I love good scale surprises. :)

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on the loss. That's great you have a friend to walk with. Good for you for making an appt for the doctors too. I know I'm bad about that myself.

Debby said...

Wooohooooo on the surprise WI!!! That's an amazing total for 3 weeks! Hope your hormones get all in a row too!

Jess said...

Good job on your loss! I agree with bbubblyb, walking with a friend is awesome and will keep you motivated.

Stages of Change said...

CONGRATS on the WL. Heres to another great week!

Linda said...

Nice weigh in!

Thanks for stopping to see the kitties on my blog. I'll have to feature my dogs sometime.

Colette said...

Wow that's an excellent loss!! Your doing great. I need to make an appointment too. I haven't had a check up in years! I did the hysto thing 3 years ago and I NEVER regreted it.
I walk at a local park with friends. I makes my 3 miles zip by before I know it.
Keep up the good work. Your rocking it!!

Suzee said...

Good Grief! That's 47.2 sticks of butter melted away! Way to go!!

I've been having a LOT of trouble sleeping too. When I don't sleep it makes it hard to handle much of anything in a reasonable or positive manner. What did they give you that helped? Something prescription?

Thanks for the comment today. We live in the Lakewood/Long Beach area just south of Los Angeles. It's the concrete jungle. Ugh.

Here's to another great week, more walking, more H2O and more sticks of butter down the drain!!


Lynn said...

Excellent news on the loss and the loss to date! Those biscuits at RL are evil...evil I tell you. I have avoided them the last few times we have been there as well...and I don't even miss them now...AND hubby is starting to ignore them as well...funny how we can be an example without even trying!

Good work on the walking too! You are doing great!

MizFit said...

KUDOS ON THE LOSS and here's to another great week layers on top of that.


Rebecca said...

Really great job on the loss! That is a great 3 week run!

Carlos said...

Nice WI. Especially with the TB!

Barefoot Pixie said...

Fantastic weight loss. That is really impressive with your hormones messed up. That always affects me.

Good job!

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