Friday, July 22, 2011


Yep, that's right........jumped back on the band wagon! Started WW online AGAIN this past Monday. I kept my weigh ins for Thursdays though and yesterday, I had lost 4.8 lbs. Woohoo! I know this stuff works, I just have to work "it". I'm really good at starting out.....its the keeping it up that I'm not good at. I am really good at dieting...........when I do it. I am no good with maintenance. When I finally DO get rid of all of this weight, I will have to really work hard on maintenance instead of diet. There's a big difference.

So, going to see my granddaughter tomorrow. Still can't believe I am a grandma. That's an amazing thing being a grandma! That baby just melts my heart. My babies melt my heart still, so what it is that makes a grandchild so GRAND? Is it our age? Maybe. I think with me and the DH its the fact that we were both so young and so broke when we started having kids that we couldn't enjoy them the way we wanted. I must admit, I am blessed that i got to be a stay at home mom with both of my boys. I went to work after my youngest was a year old and so I enjoyed my time at home. HOWEVER....through the years, I worked full time and I worked part time to work around my children's schedules, and I came to find out that I was a better mom when I worked. I got more done and appreciated my time with them more! My hubby is so head over heels in love with this baby and I think it's because he can just be himself with no worries, no responsibilities, just pure love and nothing else. It's so fun to watch!

So, I continued to zumba through the summer even though I spent most of the summer in OK due to my father-in-law's cancer and then death. It was hard to go thru and there was a three week span that I didn't do zumba boy did I feel awful! Plus, the three trips to OK played hell with my ankles. They swell so much when I am riding/driving so that part was miserable. Plus when you are around family and people bringing in food, well I didn't eat right either. That's why I had to do something! So, back on WW. I feel good about it.

Well, the wagon train is calling my name....better jump on it!! haha

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where have I been?

Nowhere! I have been here actually. Here? No, not here or I would've posted, here being at home doing nothing. Working myself to death and getting over stressed. Hoping to make two more weeks so I can be on summer vacation. Here....not dieting...not thinking about what I am eating, and of course, eating all the wrong things. Wonder why I do this? I ask this question a lot and yet I'm no closer to answer now than I ever was. EXCEPT LAZINESS OF COURSE!

Parts of my job got easier this year so I was thinking that when it came time for my audit that it would be a much easier process. I was wrong. I feel like a procrastinator, yet some of my work is dependent upon other people, making me look like I can't keep deadlines, when in reality, they aren't keeping their deadlines and I CAN'T STAND THAT! I am a deadline kinda person. I like having my ducks in a row and I like accomplishing my tasks in a neat and timely manner. Now, I am not OCD AT ALL.......because I can let some things go and no obsess. But, I like having my work planned out and done when its supposed to be done. So here I am, working toward my audit and only have two weeks left and there are still some people who have yet to even start getting their things that I can close out my books. FRUSTRATING TO NO END.

Okay, so gonna try with weight watchers again. Online of course. Hopefully after my audit I will have some 5 weeks or so off and be able to plan and manage that part of my life. Let's hope so. I am still doing zumba and loving it. At least twice a week, often three, sometimes four. Week before last I did two zumbas back-to-back. I felt very proud that I could do it.

Started having migraines in October, not long after I started zumba, but haven't quit zumba. Feel like I have one coming on today. In sever months I have had at least six migraines. They did a CT.....I am proud to say they found a brain, but nothing else. Haha! Been doing a lot of reading on the subject and think dehydration my be one of the culprits.

So, just catching up on my comings and goings. Oh, the grandbaby! WONDERFUL! Never imagined I could feel so in love with a baby! She's perfect!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Done with hibernation

Okay, so we have had plenty of snow days here in the south and I cannot believe I am going to say this, but, "I am tired of the snow days already!" Yes, me who loves the snow days, needs to get back in her routine and get back to feeling better. We had four and half snow days this last week...........meaning we went to school a half day last week! Yes, I enjoyed every minute, but am seriously tired of being stuck in the house. I missed three zumba classes!! I don't like that! AT ALL! I have become quite addicted actually. Oh, my food addiction is still quite healthy, don't worry, but I like that I'm putting exercise at the top of my list these days.

So, now that hibernation is over for me, or at least I hope so.....I need to get back on track...........eating wise and zumba wise. We (two close friends and myself) are going to try to do zumba at least five times this week. We use the zumba DVDs at school on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Mondays I also go to a zumba class. Tuesdays are free, but thinking about going to a new one. Wed. at school as I just said. THursday is the same instructor as Mondays class and Fridays an instructor who likes to push the limits. I really like her. I don't know that I could do her class everyday of the week, but would love it she had classes I could go to everyday of the week.......just to see if I could push myself. This instructor is such an inspiration. She has lost 80 pounds doing zumba and eating healthy. I cannot imagine this hyper, thin, spunky happy girl ever being 80 pounds heavier. She is by far the bounciest person I have ever seen. I just think my body could ever do what hers does.........because she's in her late 20s and I'm in my middle 40s, but gonna give it a shot. My biggest obstacle is no longer my weight or stamina even, its the boobs. Yep the girls get in the way and weigh me down. I did just by an Enell sports bra and have only been once........but like it already. Can actually jump around a lot more now.

So, now its on to eating right. I have got to quit taking the easy road. Yes when you work full time its far easier to run through a drive thru and pick up something, or order out at lunch everyday.............but I have got to quit being lazy and plan ahead. I ALWAYS do amazing when I cook ahead and take leftovers for work. So why don't I? Just lazy. Pure and simple. So, I have got to resign myself to do that. My other obstacle that I USE as an excuse is the fact that I get in a rut and cook the same old things. So, I have got to do some research and get some fresh ideas. The easier the better of course, because too many "foo foo" ingredients and I'm not going to cook it! Pure and simple!

I am also ready for the weather to clear. I have a week old grandbaby and I need better weather so I can go see her! Actually, been trying to give mommy and daddy some alone time. Know the other grandparents are hovering because they live in the same city and I refuse to be like them. SO, gonna go next weekend and try and spoil a little!!!

Okay, that's all for the day!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Awwhhhh...Snow in the south

So, we got more snow yesterday. Started while we were in school, so we had to dismiss early. At 8:00 in the morning, after the kids are at school, they decide we need to dismiss early, so they decided we would dismiss kids from school, an hour early! WTF! Are you serious? This was so stupid. Our superintendent cannot stand to call school because of weather because she's a transplant from New York. We don't have the necessary equipment to deal with snow down here. Well this snow, turned to ice real quick. Luckily we did get home in time, but when they "call" school due to weather, at the school I work in (inner city), the parents can never be reached. The new technology of have an automated system call all the parents. Are you kidding me? The parents we have dont' have the same cellphone number for more than a day at a time. The free phones they get with their food stamps only come with 250 minutes and they use that in one day. I am not exaggerating. So, its not uncommon for us to be given a new number at 8 a.m. and by noon when their precious little babies are running 101 temps, they can't be reached. The kicker? They live like 4 blocks from the school and are usually asleep in their beds. We have, on several occasions, gone to their homes to get the parents and they are asleep in bed. 9 times out of 10 when we have a child running a high fever, the parent knew it when they dropped off their child that morning. It gets frustrating. Its frustrating to see these students only wanting love, being neglected by parents who never wanted them in the first place and see them only as a means to get more of a welfare check. What a vicious cycle they live in. Its all so sad. I have much love in my heart for these students, but not for those parents!

Anyway, stuck at home again from the snow, but loving every minute of it. Didn't get to zumba yesterday or today and feel terribly sluggish because of it! Will have to zumba extra next week. My zumba buddy and I have already decided we needed some extra zumba next week to make up for it. We sure are enjoying ourselves!

The weight has stopped mainly because so has the diet. The zumba is keeping me from gaining because of the bad food choices. Last weekend had a baby shower for my daughter in law and had lots of the wrong foods. My work gave me a "grandmother to be" shower yesterday....more cake and wrong foods! OMG! Gotta get back on the bandwagon with the eating right. I need some new ideas though. I've gotten into a rut with my food!

Anyway, just checking in! The grandbaby is due Feb. 12th but the doc doesn't think she will wait that long before she makes her entrance into the world!

Peace out peeps!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

With snow....brings temptation!

Okay, so I went to the store yesterday, as did everyone in this town. The threat of snow is in the forecast sending us southerners to the grocery store on the hunt for bread, milk, eggs, all the staples, because Lord knows we cannot be caught in a snow storm without food. Snow storm. That's kind of funny. They really are calling for a lot of snow.............for us anyway. Temps will be low, so they are expecting the snow to stick around, which is not good. However, the upside is hopefully school will be out.

So, I was good and bought tons of good stuff for us to eat. No junk. But, of course, I ate bad yesterday. Got get that off so will exercise today, even though I hadn't planned on it. So, being cooped up in the house is never a happy thing for me. I am not a person who likes to "go", but I am a person who wants to "go" when I get damned good and ready and if the roads are bad, I won't go.

My biggest problem with the impending snow? Trying not to graze the whole time I am at home. I have lots of fruits and veggies so I am hoping my goofy self will go for them before eating anything else. I have no junk in the house, but still have things in the freezer that aren't so good for me that I just won' throw out. Trying to stay away from that. Just got to do things to keep me busy and away from food. Guess I will get started on the baby blanket for my grandchild who is due in five weeks. I also have two diaper cakes to make for her shower next weekend. That should keep me busy. But, busy enough? That's the question!

Well, that's another reason I am here writing. I have to take nexium in the mornings and can't eat for an hour, so trying to do something besides head for the fridge!!

Okay....over and out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Doing pretty good these days.....

I haven't been here for awhile......just been busy I guess. Had a wonderful Christmas!!! No traveling.....just stayed home. I love working in a school because of the time off...isn't that crazy? It's surely not because of the money!

So, I've become a zumba freak. I am really loving it. I went four times this week and right now..........extremely tired. But, the body feels good. Of course I cannot bounce around like the instructors do, I am way too big for that, but I do pretty good if I do say so myself! I am having a blast. I have a great friend/co-worker who has become obsessed as I am! We are both totally overwhelmed at ourselves because this is so out of our comfort zones. She hasn't got a weight problem. She wants to just lose a few pounds and stay active. She wants to get into a size six. Poor thing!! LOL I love her to death. I am just wishing for an 18/20. I am in a 22/24 right now and things are getting loose. This is far better than the 26/28 I was starting to cram back into. It's feeling good to see my clothes getting bigger and my body getting smaller.

I have started weight watchers online and am sticking to it so far. I didn't eat well today, but stayed within my points. That's gotta help some. I have never eaten my activity points because they don't get used online until after you use all your weekly points. That's weird to me! Anyway, I do love having fruit zero points on this new program. It pretty much makes me eat fruit. I wouldn't eat a banana because they were 2 or 3 points. Nor would I eat grapes, because they were too many points for me. I find myself heading for the fruit. Maybe this new points system will help.

As I am sitting here my back is beginning to hurt. I know I over did this week. But, I do plan to rest the ENTIRE weekend....except for the SNOW DANCES I plan to do so we can have some snow days!! Haha! Love it! That's another perk to working for the school system in the south. We can't drive on that stuff!!

Well, just wanted to check in! See ya!

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