Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where have I been?

Nowhere! I have been here actually. Here? No, not here or I would've posted, here being at home doing nothing. Working myself to death and getting over stressed. Hoping to make two more weeks so I can be on summer vacation. Here....not dieting...not thinking about what I am eating, and of course, eating all the wrong things. Wonder why I do this? I ask this question a lot and yet I'm no closer to answer now than I ever was. EXCEPT LAZINESS OF COURSE!

Parts of my job got easier this year so I was thinking that when it came time for my audit that it would be a much easier process. I was wrong. I feel like a procrastinator, yet some of my work is dependent upon other people, making me look like I can't keep deadlines, when in reality, they aren't keeping their deadlines and I CAN'T STAND THAT! I am a deadline kinda person. I like having my ducks in a row and I like accomplishing my tasks in a neat and timely manner. Now, I am not OCD AT ALL.......because I can let some things go and no obsess. But, I like having my work planned out and done when its supposed to be done. So here I am, working toward my audit and only have two weeks left and there are still some people who have yet to even start getting their things that I can close out my books. FRUSTRATING TO NO END.

Okay, so gonna try with weight watchers again. Online of course. Hopefully after my audit I will have some 5 weeks or so off and be able to plan and manage that part of my life. Let's hope so. I am still doing zumba and loving it. At least twice a week, often three, sometimes four. Week before last I did two zumbas back-to-back. I felt very proud that I could do it.

Started having migraines in October, not long after I started zumba, but haven't quit zumba. Feel like I have one coming on today. In sever months I have had at least six migraines. They did a CT.....I am proud to say they found a brain, but nothing else. Haha! Been doing a lot of reading on the subject and think dehydration my be one of the culprits.

So, just catching up on my comings and goings. Oh, the grandbaby! WONDERFUL! Never imagined I could feel so in love with a baby! She's perfect!

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