Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have so much to be thankful for. I do love Thanksgiving. I have two beautiful sons. One is married....the other has a steady girlfriend. I love them all. But, I must say, I love having Thanksgiving at my some degree. I know I am selfish. What can I say.

My son had Thanksgiving at his house and his wife (and him as well) did a wonderful job with the Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was marvelous. I must say though, I like my Thanksgiving traditional dinner items. Her parents brought some things that I just didn't care for....and well, it made things stressful. That and we are just not the same type of people, from very different backgrounds...they are about 15 years older than we are, and have very very very different views on the world and what is in it. So, there wasn't much talking going on. I wouldn't go so far as to say I don't like them.... I don't know them well enough to like or dislike....I do know enough to know we are "different" and it makes for awkward moments.

My oldest son has always been a different soul than his parents. We are down to earth....he so desperately is trying to find out who he is, not having a clue where to look. Things are strained for him and his wife and I can tell. He is still in school..she is working. That causes stress right there. I love my son, but he has become someone I don't know at all. We are down to earth and he isn't any more. IT makes things hard sometimes...but I do it because I love him dearly! I think what hurts the most is he seems more comfortable with his in-laws than he does his own family. I won't say it doesn't does. But, I know that he has to find his own way in the world. Of course, it doesn't help that he lives right next door to them and they are very dominating people. Oh well. We will work through this too.

They did have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at their house which is far more formal than we ever do at ours. My youngest son (21 yrs. old) said, I like Thanksgiving at our house where you are allowed to be yourself and be comfortable. Now, that did make me feel good.! I didn't over eat though, because basically, I didn't like most of what they cooked. I liked the turkey that the daughter in law cooked. That was really good. I liked the sweet potato casserole and the squash casserole.....because I made it. So, at least most of the dinner was good. And I made the pumpkin pie, which, if I do say so myself, was wonderful! But, luckily for me, they kept all the leftovers! No overeating for me!!! That was a good point on this Thanksgiving.

So, hubby, my youngest son and his girlfriend, and myself went to do some shopping. We bought a ladder and put it in the back of the truck. So, when we get to the house, my son goes to get the ladder out of back of the truck, it slips out of his hand.....just a little.......and it hits the back window of my truck and SHATTERS the back window. Of course, glass goes everywhere! AND OF COURSE, no one is open to come and replace it today, we will have to wait until Monday. So, in the middle of this tiny crisis, my oldest son texts me to tell me that his car had been broken into last night by someone ....... they knocked out the driver's side window, stole his GPS, CDs and his good coat. Isn't that ironic? Or whatever it is!!! I guess you just have to don't you?

I guess I could say that made for a bad Thanksgiving weekend....but not really. These things happen. If I let all the little stuff get me down...I would be down all the time, now wouldn't I?

Peace out peeps!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not much to report

Not dieting....but not I guess that's good, huh? Not stressing over it either. That is good. Work is crazy. I don't know if its the upcoming holidays or what, but the kiddos have gone crazy at school! Not just bad...........crazy! Had one student tell me the other day that the reason he was being so bad was because his regular teacher had taken the day off and when she did that...."it broke the spell", and "it's all her fault". He was drop-dead serious! Her being absent broke the spell that she put him was a "good behavior" spell and she broke it. This is a 9 year old kid. Crazy!

He's one of MANY that were just out of control...for the past two weeks. I am still walking as I believe its relieving a lot of my stress. Some days its a fast 20 minutes...others is a medium-paced 30 or so. I am a fast walker, so my medium is probably others fast. I only have one friend who walks almost as fast as me. My husband hates walking with me.....he wants to stroll...or what I call stroll....I want to walk exercise...not to pass the time. He is a stroll-er!

So, just checking in. Trying to get through the holidays. I love them and dislike them all at the same time. I love the family aspect - hate the commercialization of it all.

Keep in touch!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes you just have to......

take some time for yourself. I had some errands I needed to run today, so I went in to work and took a half day off. My work was more than caught up and of course a lot of it has been done in advance...that's how I, I thought, beautiful day, I have some errands I need to run.......take the rest of the day off. So I did. Did my errands. It only took an hour, which I thought it would take longer. Then, went and had a pedicure. A luxury, I know, but it is so relaxing and something I like to do for myself. Then I came home, took a short nap....then took my son to dinner. The hubby is working. Sometimes you just have to do what you need to do for yourself! Today was one of those days.

Been walking everyday, and feels great. Am upping my time every day. Started out at 15 at 30.....It is really helping my attitude and my health. Plus, it helps me gain some more I am not totally tired when I get home at night.

My stomach issues are doing well at the moment. I am so happy about that. I am still eating well, so that helps. Apples or bananas for breakfast. They keep me from having problems all day. Still laying off the tomato based stuff, onions, and most spicy stuff. That's helping too. Not losing like i want, but am eating right and feeling better.......that's my main concern at the moment!

I told myself I would have a great day today...............and I did. How wonderful is that?

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