Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sometimes you just get tired.....

Yep, that's right. You just get tired and in my case, sick and tired. I have been sick for nearly three days now. I have gained 5 lbs. Yes, five damned pounds! I haven't had enough to eat, so going over points isn't the problem. Its dehydration. I know this. I understand all the science behind why I would gain instead of lose when I have nothing in my body. My body is a "water" hoarder. If anything threatens my hydration levels, everything in me stops and says 'HOLD ALL THE WATER'. Now, when I get back to drinking water like I usually do and eating like I usually do, I know this will come off.............but when you are watching every damned ounce, when you are dieting, and when you try even when you are throwing your guts up to stay ON PROGRAM....well, it just gets frusrating! I realize that yesterday the only I had to eat was McDonald's french fries, and that this wasn't the best thing for me, but that one mishap with the french fries didn't cause five pounds.

What I am hoping is that my mindset is going to help me drag my ass out of this hole. That is if I ever start to feel better. I mean, this is a stomach virus, yet I hurt all over. My neck and shoulders hurt so bad I can hardly move. If I haven't said it, I HATE BEING SICK! Now, I realize there shouldn't be anyone out there that likes being sick, but there are those out there who do!! LOL

Here's another rant about absolutely nothing! Soon I will be back OP. Right now, I don't really want any food and have FAMILY plans for the 4th of July........guess I will rely heavily on the water and the watermelon!!!


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Carlos said...

hey glad you are on the mend. don't worry about the gain. all water fo sho.

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