Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Re-Commitment - Day 2 OP

Okay, its day 2 and I feel pretty good! I didn't have a chance to eat much of breakfast, but had a subway for lunch. I love subway. Anyway, planning a healthy dinner. Bought two more cantaloupes. My family can't get enough when they are in season. Trying to "work" this "thang" and get back to losing!

I read a blog of a fellow "Weight Watcher" and he got me to thinking.....(thank you by the way, you know who you are) ....What am I hanging on to as my "fat crutch". This person mentioned doing a double knot in your shoe laces so you wouldn't have to re-tie in public. I do this too! So, today, before working out, I did NOT double knot my shoes. Woohoo! I know, I know, many people wouldn't think this was a big deal. Well it is. Buying clothes a little too big, another fat crutch for me. What if I gain weight? Well, too bad sister, cuz if you gain weight, you will have to go naked and my goodness, not a pretty sight! LOL So self-motivation right there! Another thing I consider a "fat crutch" is not joining in. Last year at the 4th of July picnic, my sister and I went for a short walk and I huffed and puffed and was miserable. This year, that same walk, or maybe a bit further and up a hill, was no big deal for me. Usually, thinking about how miserable i was last year, I would opt for watching the kids or helping with clean up or do anything other than walk with someone else for fear that all my huffing and puffing would blow them over. Not anymore! I felt great. Would've loved to have continued the walk, but didn't want to be too rude. We were guests, after all. Or, another crutch, that isn't necessary for me anymore, sitting a table instead of a booth. Now, I was still sitting at booths at my highest weight, but not very comfortably. Most of them were tight, and right under my boobs, but now....no problem, and I will be damned if I go back to that!!!

So, thanks, dear WW friend who got me thinking today. Its a scary thought, giving up our crutches and putting ourselves out there. Oh, there are many more crutches, these were the first to come to mind. I know first hand how weight rules your entire life. Everything revolves around it. Unfortunately, society is all about it too. But, I say let's get a revolt going. If we are all going to be so damned obsessed over food, may as well benefit us and we may as well get healthy in the process. Others have mentioned, as well as myself, that they get tired of counting, weighing, measuring..........yes, it gets really, really, old......................or we could let ourselves get out of control again, like we were before, obsessing over it for all the wrong reasons. I do like this way better.

Thanks again!!

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Carlos said...

way to go. we could built a nice bonfire with all the discarded fat crutches. it will be bigger than burning man...burning fat man!

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