Sunday, June 29, 2008

Visit with the oldest son!

Well, I had a really good weekend. My oldest son came home. We finally celebrated father's day for the hubby. We had a really enjoyable weekend with my son and his wife. They seem to be doing really well. My son got funding for his master's, so we talked a lot about that. Its making their lives a little easier. Of course, I made all his favorites, which are my favorites too. We grilled burgers and hot dogs. I made my famous potato salad and baked beans. We had fresh corn from the farm. So all in all it was a good day. Not a good food day for me, but I knew it was coming and I was going to let myself eat the things I like. I pretty much used all my daily points along with the rest of the weeks points allowance too. But, yes, it was worth it.

Today, I am making up for it. I have had all my water. I have eaten lots of veggies. I made a fabulous turkey meatloaf, lima beans, broccoli, and more fresh corn. Also made some corn muffins. Lots of carbs, but it was good, home grown food. I definitely stayed within my points today though. Also, for dessert, fresh peaches, sugar free pound cake, and sugar free cool whip.

I knew I had to exercise today and really didn't feel like it. Had the headache from hell most of the day. But I took two Aleve and decided to exercise anyway. After getting the corn muffins on to cook, I did the Leslie Sansone WATP 1-mile video. Just enough time to cook the muffins. So, I got the other veggies on and put in the turkey meatloaf and .............for some reason.....I though, why not exercise some I did the WATP 2-mile video. I earned 5 APs for the day. I don't usually do that ever!! I am very proud of myself at this point. I know I have to make exercise a routine in my life. I also know, I feel so much better after I do it. And....the sex life is definitely getting that's a major NSV!!! woohoo!!! Hubby better start exercising or he won't be able to keep up! LOL Guess I will just have to start without him!

These are the thoughts of the day from CJ!

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Carlos said...

that's what i'm screamin' go get em!

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