Saturday, July 19, 2008

Heavy Heart

Do you ever take in so much sadness that it just makes your heart heavy? A very close friend, and co-worker, has had a tragedy happen in their family. Her brother, who is in his fifties, had a motorcycle accident a week ago Saturday (today). It seems as though every day they are finding more and more wrong with him. Broken back, broken neck, foot, legs, etc. He was responsive until Thursday, now he doesn't know anyone and doesn't act like he's "there" anymore. The internal bleeding they thought was under control has started up again. He had to be put back on the ventilator. Now, he has a raging infection. We are all in West TN and this happened in East TN. A very long way from home. He's been in this hospital for a week and of course, its a major drain on their family. My friend was named by his legal documents as the one to make the medical decisions for him. Of course she's distraught, especially since he seems to be getting worse. I feel for their family and feel so helpless at the same time. Of course, we are all praying for a good outcome. They do know he's paralyzed and his life will be forever changed.

On to more sadness. One of my husband's co-workers/friends had a little boy with a degenerative muscle disease. He was going through "hippotherapy" (spelling?) (using the practice of riding horses to stimulate the body's muscles -- it really works). Well, the parents learned of a new treatment and was encouraged to take their son to Colorado for this treatment. Their hopes were so high for positive results. Sadly, the little boy had complications, aspirated during surgery, and died.

I just cannot explain the sadness I feel for these two families. Both having such different tragedies. Both suffering and in pain. The parents of the little boy who died have spent this child's entire life revolved around him and his condition and trying to get him to the next step. Where do they go from here? The brother of my friend will never walk again. Never live alone again. Will always be dependent upon others. Its just a lot of sadness.

Of course, it made me take stock in my own life and realize just how blessed I am to have the healthy family that I have. It makes me realize life is special and yet so fragile. Our lives can change in an instant. I have two beautiful, healthy, grown children and thank God for them. I get stressed over my weight loss or stressed over my youngest son's latest injury, but we are so blessed and should be shouting it to the world. Never take for granted you have tomorrow. Tell those you love how you feel TODAY! Never miss that ballgame or band competition thinking you will go to the next one. You may not get to. Never rush to get anywhere, because wouldn't you rather be a little late than a little dead?

We are precious. We are fragile. We are blessed. Thank you God for giving me this day, this life!

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