Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I need routine!

Okay, I will say it, I am looking forward to getting back to work. I am really in the need for my old routine to be back. I do so much better. I go back to work next Monday. School doesn't start for two weeks after that, but I always have to go in before teachers or students. Anyway, I am looking forward to it in a way. This summer, however, I have used my time off to get me some kind of exercise routine in place. I haven't exercised much in the last two days, but the youngest son (19) had an accident with a drill and had to have two of his fingers sewn back together. So, I have been the mom/nursemaid for the last two days. Have I said lately how much I enjoy grown children (at least until now! haha). I forgot how much work it is to take care of them night and day. Have them all grown up sure has spoiled me! But, I do miss my babies. I had fun with my kids and loved every minute of their lives. Well, except some of the teenager attitudes. I could live without those. I guess I will wait for grandchildren, and being only 43, I don't mind waiting for awhile! Not ready to be a granny! LOL

Anyway, back to my routine...............I need some structure back in my diet as well. I have NOT been doing like I should. I will go three or four days OP and then back off and on and off and on, and well you get the picture. I do NOT want to go off this program at all. I went shopping today for a couple new pairs of pants for work. I should've gotten the smaller size, but instead of opting for two sizes smaller than I was, I got the pants that were just one size smaller. I am not one who likes tight clothes. Mind you, they were not "air restrictive" tight, but too tight for me. I probably wish I would've bought the smaller size, but I guess its my need for that "crutch" that I still haven't shaken just yet. I need some structure. I need to get back to planning my meals. I need to make sure I take my lunches to school with me. It will be so much easier. I need to quit making excuses and just "shit or get off the pot" so to speak.

So, here I go again, recommitting myself. Yeah, I need to be committed! Ready to go to smaller sizes. I do like that I feel good most of the time now. I have so much energy that on the days I don't work out (these last two anyway) I am so antsy. All the laundry is done. All the dishes are done. Oh, there are closets to be cleaned, but I'm not that energized just yet!

Okay, so here is more mindless dribble about my weight loss! Enjoy!

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