Thursday, July 10, 2008

PAULA DEEN'S - After 2 days of OP

Yep, that's right, couldn't help myself. She opened a new restaurant in Tunica, MS. I'm from Tennessee, not too far to drive.....we got a group of us girls (yea, girls.......!!)together and went to Paula Deen''s new restaurant. Now, if you know anything about her, first you know she does nothing "light" (actually she had some sugar free pies -- really -- I didn't eat any -- but she had them!) , secondly, everything there was on a grand scale. Her buffet is in Harrah's Casino in Tunica. Well, I was not disappointed and, today, I WAS NOT ON A DIET. But, I must confess, I can't eat like I used too.

There were four of us. Two of us were WWs, two weren't. Well, I ate half of what the non-WWs ate. It was nice to see that I actually cannot "gorge" myself anymore. I was miserable when I left there, but in a good way. I tried a little bit of everything, including her creme brulee' (spelling??). But, I have always been a person who would rather have the mashed potatoes than the desserts.. That's just me!

So, my critique, Ms. Deen. FABULOUS! MARVELOUS! But what was even better, I had control! I like that!

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Carlos said...

nice sounds like a delicious nsv

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