Friday, July 25, 2008

First Week Back

Okay, so this was my first week back at work. Been off for the summer. (Work for the school system). Whew, the week really went by fast and as usual I didn't seem to get a thing accomplished.......besides going to useless meetings and doing the principal's work. Nothing out of the norm!!!!

I worked out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. What a difference. The norm for me would be Friday comes, I walk through the door after a BUSY week, and would collapse. Today, I came home, changed out the dog water (five dogs -- baby pool is their water bowl!!), rode the 4-wheeler in the backyard, went out to eat on the other side of town (usually a big fat NO because i would be too tired)........So, all in all, I would say this has been a great week. Next week, here I come.

I know we ALL HATE EXERCISE!!! But I highly recommend it. I feel wonderful. Hopefully this Sunday will show a loss, if not, I don't care. I feel great!! See ya!

1 comment:

Carlos said...

wow. sounds like you have sooo much more energy. good for you. love the new look of the blog by the by

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