Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It doesn't pay!!

w. Well, it doesn't pay to stay off program. I gained 6.4 lbs. this week. Now, let me explain. I have to explain it, of course. I know why I gained. I kept snacking. I had french fries this week. That never helps. Mainly there are three reasons why I gained that much. 1) I didn't do well staying on program, 2) I am PMSing big time and my ankles are swollen to twice their size, and 3) I had just eaten a big dinner. Why did I weigh in then? Well, I needed to step up to the plate (no pun intended) and go ahead and WI. I knew it would be bad. Actually I thought it would be more like 10 lbs, so really its good. I have worked out Three times this week (Sun,Mon,Wed). I started back to work on Monday and I find that if I go ahead and get up at 5 a.m. and workout, I feel much better during the day. So, going to try and make that a habit. So, I am not feeling down or upset with myself or ready to just say forget it and eat everything in the house. I am going to try that much harder to stick to this. I like wearing smaller sizes. Just one or two sizes right now, but they are getting loose too. The most frustrating thing that happened at WI was there was a grumpy old man weighing me in and he was rude and had no sense of humor. I hate weighing in when he is there. I need to get back to my Sunday meetings.

My youngest son (19) got his stitches out today from the "drill" accident. He got two of his fingers chewed up by an auger bit. 23 stitches and a quite a lot of pain. Poor kid. He doesn't have the luck, that's for sure. He will be fine though. He is going to sit out this semester instead of going to college. I am afraid he will like that too much and just quit, but I'm praying that he won't. He's a good kid and doesn't realize how smart he is. He's a little lazy when it comes to bookwork, but he is so smart.

My oldest son is going through some depression and I feel helpless to help him. He has talked to a doctor and doing all the right things, he is just not where he wants to be in life and that worries me. He is unhappy where he and the wife are living, yet he was unhappy where he was before they have moved. I used to be that way, until I realized the town I live in doesn't make happiness. I do. So, hopefully I can help him by just being there. Someone I work with found some bones on their land and I called my son to let him know. He seemed kind of excited about (getting his master's in anthropology). It was nice to talk to him about something that he sounds excited about.

I do love my children. They are so precious. I hope they will always know how much they are loved. How much they were wanted. How their father and I always made them our first priority. Hopefully they can pass these things on to their children. My hubby never enjoyed anything more than playing with his kids!

Ok, enough rambling..................On to a good OP week!

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