Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

So, here are a few pictures of what happened here in "Southtown USA". We got almost a foot of snow (11 inches to be exact). While I love this stuff and its pretty, it sure causes chaos amongst southerners! The DH had to go in to work this morning. Took us forever to get him out of the driveway (an hour). We don't do snow tires or chains here. We don't have snow plows or the like. We have flurries usually. Occasionally an inch or two of snow. Not like this for sure! It is pretty and I love watching it from the comfort of my chair, especially since I was out in it for an hour already.

So, my car won't be moving today! A day stuck at the house. Which I am going to thoroughly enjoy!~

My 20 yr. old son is out on the 4-wheeler and my dogs are having the time of their lives! Fun for a day or two. It will be gone by tomorrow!


Carlos said...

welcome to my world

Bonnie said...

Brrr! We have been having 80 degree days here in West Texas.

Lori said...

That looks a lot like our winter up north LOL! Welcome to the club :D

Chuck said...

That's a good storm for us here in Michigan, it's huge for Tennessee. I like the snow though.

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