Monday, March 23, 2009

Great week

So, its spring break for me ( you know that already if you the last post). I am enjoying so far. The hubby and I have decided to run off to Gatlinburg for a few days to relax, be alone without the 20-year-old, and get out of town and just rest. Its only gonna be for two days, but I am so excited about it already. I need it. Stress levels are way up and I need to do something to bring them down!

The health issues are still with me. No one can figure this out. So, on my own I have stopped my hormone. Its only making things worse. I feel better after being off of it for two days. Its not helping the breathing problem, but I feel better. Doctor's ordered a bunch of heart tests, but I don't think its that either. I realize I am no doctor, I don't claim to be, but sometimes you know yourself better than anyone else does. So, I am just dealing with it and not letting it get me down and going on with my life. If things get worse, I will make an appt. with my GP, because I just don't think the gyno knows whats going on and I get the feeling he's not really wanting to deal with it. Don't get me wrong, he's a good doctor, I just feel like he doesn't know what's going on and it frustrates him, so I will deal with it some other way.

But, I am feeling better, that's the good part. Being more active. Eating better. By no means dieting, but I am keeping on eye on my weight, definitely not letting it go back up. I realize this is something I will always deal with and that's ok with me. So, doing the baby steps. Realizing all the while that I am going to have to take bigger steps if I want to start seeing any kind of result. Never give up. That's what I always say and that's what I doing every day!

It's a beautiful spring day here with temps going up to 70 today! Loving every minute of it before the rains starts, but hey, nothing wrong with spring rain either!


Carlos said...

sounds like this week is going to be awesome. enjoy!

Linda said...

I would love to go somewhere on my spring break. Unfortunately my son goes to a different district and doesn't get a spring break.

Thanks for the support at my blog. I have to pop in here more often! We have both WW and teaching in common. Now that I'm not going to fret about counting points and feel guilty because I'm not, I can do more of that...

Have fun on your trip!

Bunny Trails said...

Hey! I'm sorry you are still feeling bad. I can completely commiserate if you would like. I have this wacky heart thing going on that no one can figure out. It's so freaking scary and frustrating and STRESSFUL! I totally get where you are coming from!!

We are going to Gatlinburg too for spring break :) I love it there. It is such a fun but relaxing place! I really hope you have a BLAST!

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