Friday, March 20, 2009


I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am the spring break has begun for me! The hubby and I have no plans, we are just going to wing it. If we wake up and want to go somewhere, then we are going to go! I'm not going to spend my spring break cleaning out closets or re-arranging the house. I am relaxing.

This time of year is hectic and we all needed the break. The last few days, the kids are bouncing off the walls. Their behavior, TERRIBLE, but each teacher, or aide, or office personnel, or cafeteria worker, you name it, they didn't care. We knew that we were on the "down-hill slide" to spring break. The giddiness in the air was so wonderful be around. The only other time it is better, Christmas Break and the end of the school year. We all work so hard and at times go days without seeing people at the other end of the building, so this break is well-deserved school wide.

I'm planning on working on the exercise a lot more this week. It truly helps me and I know this. I just find it to be such a chore. I guess I need to slap myself out of it and get one with it.

Well, just wanted to share my "giddiness" (if that's a word) with all of you! WOOHOO


Debby said...

Wooohoooo indeed! Enjoy your break! Rest, relax, rejoice! Oh ya, exercise too!

Carlos said...

awesome! just what the doctor ordered

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