Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yes, work is quite hectic right now.......! (Understatement) Work is absolutely crazy. The boss is out for several weeks due to breast cancer and now her third surgery in as many weeks. So, her job has trickled down to her Asst. and her job has trickled down to me and my brain being as fuzzy as it is - well its just not handling it. Thank God for post-its. They are my saving grace. You walk in to my office and you would think a post-it factory exploded in there! Now, I have to leave myself a post-it to buy more post-its!

So, Monday I was feeling better. It was quite nice, actually. Then Tuesday hit. The heart racing and heart palpitations hit an all time high and I freaked out. I called the doctor's office (gyn) and he thinks its from the hormones I was on. So, he changed it. The sucky part is, the hormone I was on had a co-pay of $5.00. This new hormone, a co-pay of $50.00. Now in this day and time, I am grateful I have a job and grateful I have insurance, so I'm not bitching, well not too much. BUT, since stopping the other hormone and starting this new one, the heart palpitations and heart racing is almost completely gone. Its giving me a headache, but believe me, that is nothing compared to what I was feeling! I can actually say that I feel great today! How long has it been since I have been able to say that? A LONG TIME~ I ran around crazy at work, and last week I couldn't have done it cuz of the crazy feelings I'd been having. Today, no problems. It makes me happy!

Don't take for granted feeling great, cuz there's no telling when it gets swept out from underneath you! I drank a ton of water today. Good for me! I had extra walking at school today because we had a program, I had to go to the basement three different times to help the Asst. Principal with an excel spreadsheet (which is 2.5 flights of stairs), and the bathroom in the office is under repair, so we all have to go to the end of the school to use the restroom. Instead of being upset about it, I welcome the extra steps!

So, just wanted to share some upbeat feelings and good news with all of you! Thanks for all the comments. (By the way, the foot of snow we received on Saturday night/Sunday morning is all gone and its 70 degrees here now)


HopeFool said...

So glad you're feeling better!

"Thank God for post-its" I laughed. That's so me!

Dina said...

Lol about the post its, I have them five deep in places.

Glad to hear you're feeling better :)

Estela said...

CJ, your post today is very upbeat, you almost sound like someone gave you SPEED! Good to hear that you're feeling much better, you need those feelings with all the extra work you have!

Post-its...couldn't live w/o them, all sizes and colors!!

Estela in South TX

Lynn said...

I agree re: post its! My life would be utter chaos without them!

Hope things are going well. Sorry about the additional co-pay but hopefully you are feeling better!

*Kristine* said...

Glad to read that you're feeling better. Sorry about the up in copay-- I HATE IT when that happens!!

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