Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to the real world!

Back from the mountains! Rested, relaxed, de-stressed! We had a wonderful time! I am so happy we went. I like the last minute things that tend to work out. You seem to appreciate them so much more! Even though, when it comes to vacation, I am one of those who loves to know, the to-do lists, and the shopping lists, and the saving for this vacation list! LOL....We are having a family vacation at the beach this summer and I already have my spreadsheet done up and am planning down to the last toothbrush and pair of socks! I am a little neurotic that way. I am a list person! But, it was nice to be a little spontaneous, even though I did plan this, but not so much. We had no plans to do anything for spring break......then the hubby and I talked about it....we wanted to go somewhere close. There is nowhere close! So, I finally just booked a room for two nights for just me and him and the heart shaped jacuzzi! It was wonderful. No computers, no phones, no kids, no work! Just me and the hubster! We really needed that!

We did tons of walking which felt great by the way. I felt no stress and am fairly sure my problems are all related to stress. I had a few heart flutter sensations while I was there, but nothing that I had been feeling. No where near. We were on the 3rd floor and every time we went out or to the car or whatever, we took the stairs. The wonderful part???? I didn't get winded AT ALL and we raced up the stairs one time and it felt great.

It's a wonder what getting out of town away from everyone and everything can do for your spirits, as well as the sex and the heart shaped jacuzzi! It did wonders for our spirits as well! Speaking of spirits, we stopped by a little winery before we got to the hotel, had a little tasting session, it was great! Bought three bottles of wine! Now, I'm not much on wine or drinking for that matter, but we did finish those three bottles off and stopped back by on our way home to get some more! I'm more of a rum, jack daniels kinda girl (WHEN/IF I DRINK), so normally, I just don't drink. This was nice and relaxing though and we both enjoyed it!

So, to all of you who are stressed with work, with life, with your health or your diet, I highly recommend taking a TIME OUT and working on yourself (or each other if you are married LOL) and be kind to yourself. You are worth it!


Debby said...

I am SO pleased your get away turned out so wonderful!!!

When you get stressed in the next few weeks...take a deep breath and remember the relaxing time you had there.

Welcome back!

Losing Waist! said...

Yay! Sex and Jacuzzis! Sex in the Jaccuzi?? ha! I am glad you got some time to destress- you sound relieved!

Carlos said...

sex and bubbles w/ a side of booze? my kinda party!

Estela said...

CJ, that's why I've always said I would love to move up around the Austin, TX area, about 40-60 miles northwest from there...ahhhh, talk about good old country living...I'm talking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the country where you can walk around in "chones" (undies) if you want and no one can see you for miles around.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Estela in South TX

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