Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I Noticed Today!

Okay, since being off, I have noticed many things......The first one being as much as I hate work, (and its not my job I hate, just the other trappings that go with it) I noticed that I am not a stay at home person. This four weeks has me bored to tears. I have read two books, been on the internet more than I ever cared to, and stared at these walls until I have driven myself crazy (oh and another thing I noticed is that these walls need painting!!)

So, as boredom sets in and the energy comes back (not fast enough though), I am venturing out to do Christmas shopping. I noticed that even though I have time to shop this year because I am not at work, I hate it just as much. I love giving, don't get me wrong, I just hate what it turns everybody in to. We turn in to hunters.............on the hunt for that perfect gift. Is there such a thing? I don't think so. My children are grown and I do miss Christmas morning with my babies. Right now, I am in that state of Christmas's not having as much hold on me as they used to. Maybe it is the lack of children around. Maybe its my cynical nature, who knows. I always get the blahs this time of year. I noticed that though my situations have changed, I don't guess I have.

OH, and I notice that out shopping, people aren't cheerful and happy, they are rude and obnoxious, pushy and hateful, whiney and BITCHY...........and that wasn't me! Oh, and stupid. I realize that these places hire whatever walks in the door for Christmas help, but come on, at least hire someone who can run a simple cash register. Its not that hard. It amazes me that this generation cannot count change. If the register doesn't tell them, they have no idea how much to give back.

While Christmas is the time of family, I find that the thought of all of them in my house is driving me nuts. But that's me, I am always like that. I love the get togethers as long as they are somewhere else other than my house!

Okay, now that I have vented I would like to say that I am normally a happy person. I realize that my posts as of late say otherwise, but I am a happy person. I have everything I ever wanted. I have beautiful children, a wonderful husband whom I still love very much, and yes, an amazing family. Unfortunately, the negative gets NOTICED more than the positive. I am going to try and start living my life on the positive instead of the negative. It makes for a happier person. I remember when my children were younger we did a "grateful" journal. It did make us a happier family. We made an attempt everyday to be grateful. Then I took it further and decided we had to do something nice for someone outside of our family at least once a week. Somewhere in the hectic schedules of band practice, football and baseball practice and games, work, work, and more work, we quit doing our grateful journal. I think that is something I should resurrect. So with that being said, I would just like to say, I am grateful for the life I have, the children I have, the husband I have, the friends and family I have and the many online friends I have through blogging and through Weight Watchers.!!!


GirlOnAMission said...

Hi CJ!

I totally understand what you are saying about shopping during Christmas and the people in the stores... they make me want to SCREAM sometimes! :)

I hope you're feeling better!

Carlos said...

totally with you on this one...people are the worst! and the best i guess.

CJ said...

Yes, I should say, I have been kind of negative lately (duh?) and but I love people. I think that's why I am so frustrated. I am a people person. I work in a school. I love kids.....and I miss them!

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