Saturday, December 27, 2008

Twenty six years!!!!

Yep, that's right! Today is my twenty sixth wedding anniversary!! Lucky for me I was only three when I got married! LOL Actually I was 18. But, its been an amazing ride. Lots of ups and downs, but happy to say more ups than downs. My DH was one of those "love at first sight" things that everybody says never lasts. Maybe not, but I would have to twenty six years is a good start, huh? LOL

My hubby and I got married in Memphis and two days later left for San Diego. Lived there a year and a half, moved back to Memphis, moved back to San Diego, moved to Japan, and settled in TN. OH, had a baby within all that moving. Had a another baby five years later. Survived each other, survived raising children with their little league, pee wee football, music lessons, soccer, high school band, high school football, college for both, some college football............through this we survived the DH going to war, his coming back a totally different person (his convoy being ambushed, him being wounded, bronze star w/valor), working through PTSD.................Some of these obstacles, good times and bad times, could've broken us up, lucky for me, I married the man who always put me first......always has my back........the man I loved best friend. We had an instant bond. We know what each other is thinking. When he was in Iraq, I could be distraught needing my husband and low and behold, he would call. We just have a connection. God sent me my soul mate. This much I know.......!

Okay, now I am done with the mushy stuff, and you know what? After 26 years of marriage, I am just now getting him trained!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Think I would start all over from scratch. Now way in hell!


Estela said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! 26 years is amazing! My marriage lasted 4 yrs from 79-82 and it was horrible, except for the beautiful 2 children I got out of it.

You hit the nail on the head for me...your husband put you first always...I was always made to feel I was worth sh*t! And that's the truth!

I left, regained my self-esteem, went on to raise 2 wonderful adults, and am in a loving 6 year relationship now.

Estela in South TX

Losing Waist! said...

Oh! That brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful (shortened summary) story. You guys have gone through a lot and you are still striving together as a team. I love it!
My husband and I have been married for two years and together for almost five and I look forward to living life together as support for each other.

Happy Anniversary!

Carlos said...

wow 26 years! congrats. one day you will have to give me the secret.

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