Monday, December 29, 2008

First Day OP.......A little slip up!! (Already???)

Yeah, well, it was calling my name. It was taunting me. So I ate it. The leftover pumpkin cheesecake. Yep, I ate it. I counted....YES I COUNTED IT, but really? Using your WPAs on the firs day? How warped is that?

I did eat good today though. I managed to get in all my healthy guidelines, etc. I managed to get in all the water. I also have a diet headache. Yeah, every time I start dieting again, I get the headache! This too shall pass. Now that I think of it, it may just be a caffeine headache. I don't think I have had any today. WOW. That's great.

Well, I must say my greatest accomplishment for today was throwing that damned cheesecake in the garbage. Well???? It made me mad that I gave in so quickly, so dammit IT HAD TO GO! Wish I had been that strong before I actually ate a piece, but hey, BABY STEPS....right?

I worked out a little today too. Waiting until I see the doctor tomorrow before doing anything major. Just some walking, but I did get the heart rate up a little, so hey, its gotta count!

Just wanted to share my first day OP and my very first clusterfuck/messup!


Losing Waist! said...

Yeah! Stomp on that mutherfuckingtastypumpkincheesecake! I couldn't have it in my house without eating it AND bathing in it. Really. The one's from Costco are deadly. I just threw out a bag or doritos two days ago because they also developed vocal chords and started singing to me FOR BREAKFAST!

It was a good day because you did something for yourself and stood up to further temptation!

Katschi said...

Clusterfuck would've been the WHOLE did good stopping at one piece, I think.
But get yer shit together already & don't repeat this tomorrow :)

Estela said...

I'm glad to see that I'm "normal" when it comes to having to throw food out or else I'll eat it. Why can't we just "NOT" eat it if it's there?

I have a gallon size ziplock full of chocolates and goodies from my school. Even on crutches, I hobble over to sneak pieces out. Yesterday I had my son literally throw the darn thing way up high, to the top of the kitchen cabinets where I can't reach it anymore (I have a broken ankle right now).
The bag is going to my parents NYEve party tomorrow night and whatever doesn't get eaten gets thrown out.

Estela in South TX

Carlos said...

speed bump on a great start. put it in the fuckit buckit and move on, i say

MizFit said...

and now you have TWO GREAT DAYS OP in a row.

here's to a wonderful 2009 and your 3rd OP day.


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