Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

Brrrrrr.........First let me say, normally I am hot natured person and welcome cooler weather. I said COOLER weather. I live in the south. I like the south. But our weather...........well sucks at times. Now now now...I realize a lot of you are dealing with snow storms and I certainly shouldn't complain knowing so many of you are getting your exercise via the daily shoveling of snow. HOWEVER..........I live in TN........It's only 12 degrees right now and BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE! I love snow, as long as it snows long enough to close schools (I work at a school) and then melts quickly enough to give me the rest of the day to get out and do what I want!! LOL ..... IN WW TERMS....I want my cake and to eat it too!

I have learned I am just not a cold weather person. Part of it is I am just a baby....The other part is I am allergic to the cold. I think I am crazy. She's lost her freakin' mind! Well, no. It's the truth. My mom, my oldest son, and myself are all allergic to the cold. For instance, when staying outside for any amount of time in the cold (like football games! Love football), especially a cold rain or snow, I break out in blotches. My mom does this as well. If I drink something that's icey cold, my throat tickles and swells. My mother's swells to the point that she can no longer eat ice cream for fear her throat will close. My son has the tickle in his throat thing going on too. Me, if I am just cold and can't seem to get warm, I will itch all over, whether there is a rash there or not leaving me no choice but to take Benadryl. Its the only thing that works. Yes, we are quite the weird little family! My son, who not only is allergic to cold is allergic to water. Well, actually in places that have lots of chemicals in their water, or "hard" water, he itches and burns. Where he is living right now doesn't have hard water so he's good. He married someone who is allergic to peanuts and "legumes". Yep, if they ever have children, I fear they will have the "boy in the plastic bubble" child! I poke fun, but don't mean any disrespect for someone who is going through or has a child going through something like that.

So, I am waiting until it warms up into the 20's to go grocery shopping. Of course, TN is quite unpredictable. Today, highs of 20-30. Tomorrow in the 40's. Christmas day 60's. We worry more about tornadoes in the winter these days than we do about snow! One day 30, next day 70. Lots of tornadoes.

Just thought I would share my "cold" experience. Yes, as you are all shoveling snow, I am whining about 20 degrees. Sorry. That's my life! LOL


Losing Waist! said...

I completely get you! I may be shoveling snow now but from 1993-2002 I lived in St. Peterburg, Florida. I know what it is like and I would have died had it gotten down to twelve degrees when I lived there (or thirty degrees). It is relative to where you live! You are allowed to be cold and freezing and grumpy about it! Twelve degrees makes my asthma and allergies freak out (as you read last week) and I hate it because I feel kind of stuck inside.

It won't be cold too long, so you keep yourself warm and well!

Carlos said...

negative 31 wind chill here last night, baby

Stages of Change said...

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I've been doing some sleuthing, and I'm beginning to suspect that some sort of nation wide "coolification" or "coldifying" is taking place. I don't yet know why. I will keep everyone posted when I have any leads.

Thanks for the kind words and good luck to you. I too look forward to reading how the journey goes. Have a great holiday.

CJ said...

Ok Carlos, now you are just bragging!!!!! LOL

Neelith said...

I hate being cold. I hope it warms up soon

Bunny Trails said...

I'm right there with you! I'm a Southerner too and the concept of all of the snow our Northern friends have been chatting about and anything far under freezing... BRRRRRRRR! I have a hard time getting warm once I'm cold!

Carlos, that's just INSANE! I'm shivering thinking about it!

I have the same issue w/ the skin splotches and allergy issues (like losing waist). It's a PITA!!

Here's to a warming trend :)

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