Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the road to recovery......

No, I am not a recovering addict or anything (well let me see, right now I am just an addict re: food but that's not what I am talking about)....................I am recovering from surgery. Its been long and dull and boring. I am amazed at how you can feel like the top of the world one day and crash the next. I wonder if that's what a real addict would feel like? Hmmm...interesting...??!!!!

Just like with dieting, I am having good days and bad days. Today, a real high energy day, for me anyway. More shopping and feeling great. Didn't crash like I have been lately.....Still get easily tired, but am starting to see that I am getting stronger. Who would've thought that this surgery would take all of my energy.

Of course, its amazing to me how people (including myself) think, "Oh, its just a hysterectomy, no big deal, up and at 'em after six weeks." Ok. I realize in today's society we don't think a hysterectomy is a big deal, and frankly I didn't think it was a big deal until it happened to me. I had natural child births and felt great after my kids were born. This was nothing like that. Of course, I had 12 weeks off back then. Now, I have a hysterectomy, have an organ cut out of my body, and I am off six weeks. Seems like there is something wrong with that picture. I don't think I will have a problem going back to work, don't get me wrong, and believe me, I am ready (not til Jan. 5th) on some levels.....! I remember my mom having a hysterectomy about 15 years ago and I don't remember her having any problems either. I am not having problems, I just don't understand these energy levels.

Its an amazing roller coaster this "healing" going on. I felt amazing the first two weeks after my hysterectomy. Walking in the neighborhood, feeling amazing. I don't feel that way anymore. Yes, I think I have done way too much, but I cannot sit for much longer without going crazy! I know I have said all of this before, its just in the forefront of my mind at this time. At least I'm not obsessing over food, but I am, I always do. From whatever extreme I am at the moment, food is always my vice. It does have control over my life. It always has had. It probably always will.

So here I sit at my computer.....trying not to think of my next twinge, pain, the next time exhaustion will hit. ....... But all the while............I am planning my comeback!

(I am grateful today for my energy level -- what are you grateful for today???)

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Carlos said...

sorry about your frustrating down time. im grateful that you are back in a writing mood. your comeback will shock the world!!!

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