Sunday, December 28, 2008


I went to Weight Watchers today. I am so glad I did! I must say, though, that I was extremely disappointed with my weight. I have ended up instead of 14 lbs. like I thought, I had gained 21 lbs. That's a big damned difference! I am really pissed at myself! This last 7 lbs. I believe was just within the last week. Until this Christmas week full of goodies and stress, I was doing really well.
HOWEVER, it does leave me with a 22.8 net loss, which I am going to embrace!! Thirty pound net loss sounded soooooooooooooooo much better! Enough of that.

I need to sit down and "strategize" this next week and cook up some stuff for the next week (My first week back at work). My energy level is not up to pre-surgery levels, so this last week off I am going to do some light exercising. I have been walking all along, and hopefully, on Tuesday I will be released to do more.

I was a little frustrated at my WW meeting though. They do not have the new "Momentum Plan" information out yet, so I have all of the old stuff. Everything is "basically" the same, its just combined the two plans. You are still counting points, yet they are encouraging you to eat from the "filling foods" list, which is the old core plan. Not a big deal in my book.

I guess I need to get over my frustrations and just get on with it. I am proud of myself for just getting on with it and going back to WW. I do better when I go to meetings. I need some accountability. My sister is joining as well, and while she doesn't have near the weight to lose as I do, it will be nice to have someone to kind of by a buddy with. Just wish she lived closer so we could do the gym thing together. Think I might go if I had someone to go with me!

Okay, just wanted to let everyone know I finally BACK ON TRACK AND READY TO GO!


Katschi said...

Hi CJ!
Thank you for adding yourself to my followers list!
Good for you for heading back to WW!
My friend Manuela (A New Decade) found great success with the program.

Manuela said...

Yes, I do/did follow WW and had great success with it. I too need the accountability of the meetings and if I were working I'd go back. Maybe one day!

Thing is I know what I need to do so it's just a matter of doing it.

Good luck and I look forward to our progress in the new year!

Estela said...

CJ, Good for you!! That first step is the most important step to getting back on track.

I've often wondered about WW, if they would be able to help post-ops like me. I can't eat lots of regular things and after all...I KNOW what I'm supposed to eat, just got to buckle down and DO IT!!

Keep us posted.

Estela in South TX4

Carlos said...

hot damn. way to get back at it.

Stages of Change said...

Hey there, glad to see you're getting Back On Track. Way to Go!

Dani said...

Hi CJ...I kept seeing your name on comments across the blogosphere so I had to stalk you out! Don't beat yourself up too bad about the WPAs or the cheesecake. But next time remember if you talk about goodies you have to bring enough for the whole class! Stay strong!! I look forward to your journey! Dani

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