Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Well, today is Father's Day. My hubby, the love of my life and father of my two beautiful sons, is watching TV through his eyelids as we speak. I remember those days when my Dad watched TV through his eyelids. My sisters and I would think he was asleep so we would go change the channel from football or basketball or golf. It always amazed us that by doing so, that was the switch that woke him up!! Now it seems funny, back then, not so much!

My father and I don't speak much, but it doesn't keep me from having fond, childhood memories of him. He never seemed to want to be a part of our lives and when we (the children) quit making the effort, he seemed to just go away. He comes in to town every now and again, but never without another reason. The last time, a basketball tournament. I realized a long time ago that he wasn't capable of unconditional love and that for me, it was easier to love him from a distance. I will always love the man, and again have fond memories, but needing him in my everyday life isn't a necessity.

Lucky for me, I found a man who knows what being a real father is. I have two sons. One of which I am certain realizes the sacrifices that his father has made time and time again over the years. The other, I am not so sure. He has more of the attitude that now that he's educated, his Dad's (and his mom's) belief systems are antiquated and/or outdated. He made a statement one time that he couldn't believe that we were his parents, mainly because we don't see things the way he sees them, whether that's religion, politics, or just life in general. Its hard to swallow sometimes, but we are proud of our son. He has worked hard all of his life and is still working hard to get his master's. He has always been one of those who thought for himself, or thinks that anyway. He really doesn't see that he is more like a chameleon and takes on the beliefs of those he is around. Sad really. He is my oldest son. My youngest son, though going through some rebellious behavior, is a bit more settled in his thinking. Now if I could only get him to have the drive and determination that his father and his brother have....that's the hard part! LOL

These are just some of my thoughts this Father's Day. Not so much about weight today! Thought I would take the day off!!


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Carlos said...

sounds like you found a good man and are raising two others. don't worry i went away got educated and thought my parents were relics. the older i get the wiser they seem.

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