Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Energy

Okay, I have to admit it, the more you exercise, the more energy you get. Now, when I was getting home from work and dead tired, you couldn't convince me that if I would just get my fat ass up off the couch and workout, I would feel better. Like I have said before, this weight loss has been easier, mainly because I am doing it for myself and because all of those years I spent trying to lose weight in the middle of raising children, working, running between band practice, baseball games, and football games, well the diet was always the first casualty. So, now that both of my sons are grown (24 and 19) and one of them is out of the house, I am finding a diet much easier to follow. Of course, Weight Watchers doesn't want you think of their program as a diet, it is. However, it is the most practical of any diet. It allows you to eat real food while teaching you that moderating is the key.

As I have said before, I work for a school and we are out for the summer (My mind automatically goes to the old Alice Cooper Song "School's Out For Summer -- I realize this dates my terribly, but I was very young when this song was out -- REALLY).. Since we are out for summer, the dieting has been a little easier. Just wish my summer break was longer! LOL I have been cooking a lot (hubby loves that) and have been exercising a lot. A lot for me any way. I walked two miles last Monday and did the Walk Away The Pounds video Wednesday and Thursday. Well, I was busy on Friday and lazy on Saturday so I didn't work out. So, today, after not eating as well as I should....I did at least do the 3 mile workout video. I do like the way the exercising makes you feel. Now, secretly, I am one of those who would love to go to a gym. Will I ever? Probably not. But I will never say never!

As a kid, my father was in the military and we lived on/near a military base so all of the gyms, pools, outdoor activities were always there for us to use. Boy I miss that. Not the military, just having everything available at no cost! But, we always used to be at the gym (Dad was a basketball coach), or at a pool, or riding horses....etc. Again, I miss all of that. The gym had a weight room and was always at our disposal. Wish I had that now. Of course, right now, I am too fat to go to the gym. Yes, I realize that is an "oxymoron", but hey, I can't help it. I mean, how embarrassing is it when you can only do about 10 minutes on the treadmill and you have no clue how to use any of the weight machines.............Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated in that area. Doesn't mean I will be doing that in the near future, but knowing what to do if I ever decided to go would be helpful.

Okay, now that I have ranted..........just wanted to say thanks for reading!

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Carlos said...

i love your blog. and i'm with you about being afraid of the gym. I solved it by walking laps around a nearby park. In the early morning so no one will see my sweaty water buffalo ass!

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