Monday, June 2, 2008


Okay, here we go! Today was my first day back OP, really. I did go over my daily points, but have weeklys to use. Its been a rough day, and I have really wanted to head to the fridge. I have my audit tomorrow and this is really a stressful time.

I will be glad when I get some time off. WHY did I take on this extra, temporary summer job. Yes, its only temporary, but it took an extra two and half weeks of my summer away. Yes, there will be extra money, but I think I really needed the time off more. Oh well. Such is life. Have a week and half left (a little more). Of course the boss does her best to make life miserable for everyone. All last week she decided to stress me out about my audit. She and I made the agreement that I would do this summer program and that one and half weeks I would be pulling double duty. She agreed to it. All last week she decides to keep reminding me that I am still supposed to be (basically) doing her job.

Okay, these are my ramblings for the day. Guess that's why I started this blog, huh? Haven't given many people this blog address. A couple of friends, but they never respond! Respond already! LOL Thanks to the new friends who have responded. I appreciate it!

We are all in this together. Weight loss is the hardest thing I have ever done. Its easy to eat like a pig and watch the weight come on! Its not so easy to eat sensibly and watch it slowly come off. But, that's what I am doing. Slowly but surely.

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