Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, I weighed in this past Sunday. I only gained .2. Now, I have been off my diet/program for nearly three weeks. Well, let me say, I haven't been going to the meetings or to weigh-ins. I was for the most part, following some kind of diet, but wasn't writing things down or really tracking a thing. How I managed to only gain .2 is beyond me. I guess it was a mercy WI because I certainly didn't deserve it.

My temporary/summer program is almost over. WHEW. Thought I would never make it. I am no sure why I did this. Yes, I am! The money..........DUH! One and half more days. Hopefully this time next year, I will be on the white, sandy beaches of Orange Beach, AL vacating with the FAM! My sister already wants to reserve our condos....She is down there right now and already planning for next year! What a Sis! My husband really doesn't like doing this.......but the one bright spot for him is the fact that he has a high school buddy down there that takes him out fishing (at night) and he really does have fun doing that! I, truly enjoy the early morning walks on the beach with the hubby. We were there last year for a full week. I was so out of shape and out of breath and out of "it", that I think I ruined the vacation a little for him. I am determined that next year, I don't ruin it for him or for me. I am already down 35 pounds. Its not unreasonable to think I could be down 75 or better by then, is it? Well, If I don't get back OP, it won't happen. I haven't totally quit yet, so I'm giving my self a little credit for that.

Thanks for the supportive emails.....Still don't have that many people commenting on the blog, but that's ok!~(Thanks for the comments CARLOS and NEW CRYSTAL) Just email me now and again and give me some thoughts or just "tell it like it is!"

So, that's what's up with me. I AM going to WI in this Sunday. I AM sticking to this diet. I AM going to lose this weight. I like have little goals. Seems more attainable that way. My next goal is 50 lbs. Just 16 lbs. away. When I lost my 10%, I bought myself an iPod. Any ideas what to do for the 50 lb mark? What are some things, non-food related, that you do?



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Carlos said...

shoes try a new pair of shoes for every goal you set. the only thing i want to by clothes wise because my sizes keep changing.

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