Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just some thoughts....again

So, my mind is just thought I would put some of it down. So, when the ediets ends (cannot afford to keep it up), I am going on Weight watchers again. I feel good about that and I don't dread it, because I guess I have already started the diet. I have made two really good muffin recipes and tried them out on co-workers who are also on weight watchers....! They were a hit! I need more easy recipes because, well I am lazy and I get bored quickly! Sometimes I am brutally honest too. Haha!

This is just a short note today! I'm back on track, back in the saddle, focused again. It feels good. Now if I can just convince myself to stick with it. That, my friends, is a WORK IN PROGRESS!

See ya :)

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Debby said...

14 pounds! woooohoooooo Ya, that was from the blog before this one...I'm trying to catch up tonight.

WW is a great program. Yep it is.

Proud of you.

OMG Zumba???? you rock! I'm pretty sure i'd kill myself trying that!!!

Laughing at your last blog. Ugly toes? Fat thighs? Screw 'em all indeed!!!! Could be worse, you oculd have a beard like me!


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