Monday, October 18, 2010

Headed in the right direction

I am grateful for the ediets meal delivery plan that I am on. It's been EXTREMELY helpful for me to get my portions under control. They weren't WAY off actually, it was all the other snacking that I did that screwed me up.

I have lost 14 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm very proud I have stuck with it this long. I feel I am ready this time. I am already feeling better, even though tonight I am beat and not sure why. But, energy-wise at work, I am doing a lot better.

I want to keep this going. I want to get this weight off and I want food to be a priority in my life in an entirely different way. I want it to be important to me to eat healthy instead of consuming my next craving. I feel like an addict, problem is, my drug of choice is food and I can't just give it up like you can drugs and/or alcohol. So, I have to learn how to manage the food instead of allowing it to manage me. Sucks. Food is such a part of our everyday life. There's not a celebration in the south that doesn't come up with a big spread of fried, smothered in gravy, BBQ'd, and/or all of the above plus more of course! Oh yea, we had vegetables around all the years I grew up and now as well. Everything had some sort of fat in them. So, here's to teaching old dogs new tricks. I know these tricks though, I just choose to ignore them.

Well, just putting down my thoughts today. Feeling good, but tired. Feeling the strength to go on.....! No fat grandma!! Or at least not the fattest!! haha

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