Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 5

Day five found me down one more pound to a loss of 8 lbs. I feel wonderful about that! The ediets meal delivery thing is working. Don't know how long I can work it (money!!!!!), but I know I committed for four weeks. Then, I have decided, I am not going off the healthy eating plan (Notice I did not say the "D" word). I am taking notes of what I am eating and my portion sizes, so when I get frustrated and and my brain is fried, I can go back to my notes and remember what was working.

So, I had lunch today with my best friend. We met at Olive Garden and I had the apricot chicken and salad. It was good. BUT.....(and yes I have a big BUTT-haha), it gave me such an upset stomach. After eating a week of food with no preservatives, etc. my stomach rebelled...........AND BIG TIME. It was not pleasant. I won't go into any more details.....TMI I realize! Nonetheless, I will have to be careful when eating out. I mean, I planned out what I was going to eat at Olive Garden, got the nutritional information and I have not gone over my daily calorie allowance, I just wasn't ready for real food yet. My best friend is so sweet, she's so excited I am on a diet. She has far less to lose than I do, but she's been doing weight watchers and she's lost over 20 lbs. and I am so happy for her too. We started WW (for the millionith time for me) on August 2nd, she's still going strong, I started cheating at two weeks. So, I have decided I will get back with WW, or something similar after my 4 weeks with this ediets stuff. As I have said before, I just needed something to jump start my weight loss efforts and I guess 8 lbs in five days is a pretty good jump start! I am really going to have to be careful regarding my stomach though. I have an "irritable" stomach anyway. Nothing that has been labeled as irritable bowel or anything, but I've had a "nervous" stomach all my life! Plus, I have been having GERD issues ever since having my hysterectomy, so the stomach issues have always been there.

I am on fall break this week and enjoying myself so much. Wish it would last longer. My husband and my son are in the home remodeling mode and put soffits and fascia boards up this past weekend and will be putting up new vinyl siding and new windows in the next two-three weeks. I will have a whole new house. Oh yea and a new back door. So, since I have no carpentry skills, I do clean up. Yay me! I hate clean up, but I did it. Wore my ass out too! I am so out of shape. Another reason to get this blubber burned off! That and I don't want to be the fat grandma! First grandbaby coming in February...gotta get some of this off!

So that's my tale for the day
Peace out peeps

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Debby said...

OMG 8 pounds???? You rock!

NO fat grandmas! We'll form a group!

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