Thursday, April 24, 2008

NSV of sorts

Well, I've had a NSV of sorts. Yesterday, my boss from hell came back after being on a short little vacation that she basically stole from the company. She doesn't put in her time and thinks we are all stupid and believe her stories about calling "Her" boss to tell her she will be gone. Anyway, obviously this causes some kind of guilt on her part because every time she does this, she comes back in a bitchy mood and takes it out on everyone. Well, its either the guilt causing it or the booze, because she always goes on a drinking binge when she goes off for a few days. Anyway, her meltdowns usually send me heading to the fridge and I must say, it didn't this time. Maybe my mindset has changed. I sure hope so. I did decide not to go to work today. Not because of her idiotic, psychotic rantings, but because I coughed all night long and felt horrible. Well, around 1:30 I decided to go to the doctor and well, I have bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection in my right ear. Yeah. It sure was easy to stay within in points range today! LOL I felt too awful to eat much. I did have two taco bell crunchy tacos for lunch, but that's not much. I had soup for dinner and a WW giant fudge bar for dessert and that's all I have had. I haven't had any veggies or fruits much today, but I just don't feel like eating.

I put on a t-shirt today that I haven't worn since early last fall and it was skin tight back then, now it hangs off of me. That's just with 26 lbs. gone. It really makes me feel good to see that. I, unfortunately, am the opposite of anorexic. I still see me the same size. I lost most of this weight once before and that was a big problem with me. I still saw me as the same size I was when I started.........even though the clothes were way, way smaller, I didn't see me as any smaller. Go figure. That is something I am going to have to struggle with and make sure it doesn't derail me from my success.

Well, these are my thoughts for the day.

How do you handle sabotage? Whether its from your own mind or from other people???

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New Crystal said...

The only thing I know to do is surround myself with positive people who understand I'm on a mission!

When the doubts start to creep in, I start to visualize the me that I want to be and who I know I can be. A couple of times, I've had to drop the towel in front of the full length mirror.

Wonderful blog and congrats on the shirt! Too big clothes ROCK!

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