Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad OP Day

Well, I had a bad OP day. Those of you with WW knows what OP is..........meaning I totally binged today and feel terrible. It didn't make me feel terrible physically, it just made me feel terrible emotionally. Funny thing is, I wasn't doing it out of stress. Don't know really why I did it, other than, I wanted to. Seriously, no stress (more than my stay-at-home college student's every soap opera life) just felt like it. I hate that I did it, honestly, but another weird thing is, I don't feel guilty about it because I KNOW this is not what I am going back to. I will get back OP tomorrow, get over this hump, and get on with my life. In the everyday scheme of things, this will not derail me for life, if I choose not to let it, right? Right! So, making a little pact with myself to start tomorrow a brand new day........get this out of my system and move on. The hardest part would be that I'm supposed to WI on Sunday. We will see what tomorrow brings. Sunday may get postponed to Monday or Tuesday.........but I won't skip WI this week if I can help it! LOL I am NOT going back to the way things were. I am NOT going to put back on those 21 lbs. I am NOT going to let this take over my whole life again! WHEW! Feel better.

Now, anyone have any ideas about how to stay OP on a major junk binge? Let me know. Any advice is welcome!

Back to the real world now!

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