Monday, April 7, 2008

Frustrating Day

Well, TCAP is about to start (standardized testing) for students at the school I work at. So, I am always put in charge and I hate that, but I know it will be done right......even though many others have their hands in it. That was stressful enough. ............................ Then, had a big "conversation" with my youngest son. He doesn't like the college (university) he is going to. He says he's miserable. He is going on a football scholarship and no longer thinks football is worth being there where he's miserable. This is a kid who a year ago was eat, drink , sleep football. I truly believe its girls on his mind causing the change. But hey, I'm the mom, what do I know? Right? So, I really, really, feel stressed about this. I have found he doesn't have the drive he used to have, whether that's football, school work, or anything at all for that matter. Its getting frustrating dealing with him. He lives at home and goes to a university here where I live. He just doesn't get that this was probably a once in a lifetime chance for him. He has a lot of talent, but does not believe in himself. He, unfortunately, has had some health issues this semester and it has affected his grades, so no academic scholarships after this year. He had a full ride. Oh well. Its hard, as a mom not to want to shake him. I don't want him to be miserable though. What do I do? Well, I just support him in any way I can. That's what I am here for.....However, with his health issues going on he will have to stay in school because he certainly can't afford to live on the little part-time job he has and no insurance. Whew, I have really rambled....But, that's what I made this blog for. For me to ramble instead of eat. This would've usually pushed me over the edge and I would've headed for the grocery store by now to get chips and cokes to drink! Those are two of my many weaknesses!

Of course, my oldest son went through something similar his freshmen year in college and he's still struggling to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up! The youngest son says now that he doesn't have football in his life, he doesn't know what he wants to do with the rest of his life. The football option hasn't been taken off the table. I just don't think he wants to do the hard work it takes for him to get where he needs to be (once he is released from the doctor).

Ok, none of you probably know what I am talking about, but DS#2 has been passing out and though I am not in the medical profession, I believe he's been having anxiety attacks. He HAD a history with a heart condition that was corrected, but the docs, before they will release him to play again, have to make sure this isn't heart related.....AND OF COURSE I UNDERSTAND THAT!

Okay, just needed to vent for awhile. I feel much better and I haven't headed for the fridge. I did fairly decent on my points today. Did go into my WPAs, but only a few. I still have plenty left. The one thing I didn't do was exercise. Still sore from yesterday and all I did was walk on the treadmill. (I think the soreness is from working in the yard the day before!)

My challenge is still to try and get some exercise in everyday! Maybe tomorrow!

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