Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunshine and Flowers!

Okay, if you know me, or if you've read any of my posts, you know I am not the "sunshine and flowers" type of person. As I have read some of my own posts, it looks like I am a bitchy whiner. I don't mean to be. I am a happy person. Guess I use this blog to sort out what I am feeling! It just seems more of the negative shows through than the positive.'s to positive. I have a lot of positive in my life, one of which is that I am feeling better today. Didn't go back to work, but am feeling better!!!!! Thanks to everyone who gave me some positive reinforcement! I truly appreciate it.

I would say that for most of us, dieting isn't always a positive. I am trying hard to make this a positive experience. I know we shouldn't say diet, but who are we kidding? Its a diet. Own it! As I was watching the biggest loser last night, I realized, we all have to own it. We know why we got here. We know why we gained, or didn't lose as much as we wanted. I so wanted Bob or Jillian to go off on Joelle last night. I don't usually watch, but this year, I started watching it and have found, though most people hate Jillian and love Bob........I love them both. No nonsense. You didn't lose because you ate bad and didn't try. There you go! Its not muscle, its not water retention, its just you! I love it!

So, I am trying to write some positive and no negative. I can't promise that the negative monster won't rear its ugly head, oh let's say by tomorrow, but I am trying. So, here's to Sunshine and Flowers, as long as its after I've had my shower in the morning and not before....I am not a morning person! Oops there I go again! LOL Seriously! Don't talk to me before I get my shower!


skinnyhollie said...

I like Jillian, too! I have all of her DVDs and get her daily email. I've always been a fan of strong women, though.

You need your shower in the a.m., and I need my coffee. I moved on Sat, and don't have a coffee maker yet! I am so missing that morning cup of joe...

Dina said...

I don't think you sound like a whiner. I think we all use this to express things we need to get out, it's not necessarily a reflection of how we are 24/7 :)

And I agree with you about Jillian and Bob, how they cut the crap. Another good one is Gillian McKeith on "You Are What You Eat" on BBC America.

Fried Jeff said...

Lately, I've been dealing a lot with accepting my own responsibility for where I'm at in life. I think somewhere deep down, I was looking for a miracle. Now I see that it is my job to be the miracle and it is only up to me to regain my health.

I've wrestled with the negativity thing here, but I know that I wouldn't have to lose weight if I was mentally healthy. I wouldn't have done such damage to my body in the first place. The negative feelings, etc... that I carry are what brought me to this place. I have got to work through and release them in order to be free.

Lynn said...

I think it is a good use of a sort out what you are feeling. It is definitely what I am doing. I just posted today too about being more positive and concentrating on successes instead of failures. I am actually looking at this journey as a positive thing...a growing and learning experience....something that is not necessarily all about the weight loss but also about figuring things out so I can keep it off.

By the way, I do ramble. Sorry about that.

Lynn said...

OH....and I like Jillian too!

Debby said...

I love it. Sunshine and flowers.

I like both Bob and Jillian. They each have their strong points. Last nights show went exactly where I wanted it to. No excuses! Loved it.

Don't talk to me before my coffee in the moring btw!

Anonymous said...

Dieting isn't always positive that is for sure. Many up and downs. I guess I just have to learn from them all. HAHA

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