Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloggers are great!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support. I have been having a hard time the last few weeks and your kind words definitely have helped.

I am doing crappy diet wise and only have myself to blame. Its so easy, when you are feeling bad, to slip back into those crappy eating habits. I allowed myself to be hypnotized by all kinds of crappy food these last two weeks. The energy levels made it to where I barely made it home in the evening, so cooking a great, healthy meal was a struggle and I gave in! Then of course, the beating myself up about it hasn't made things better either!!

I went to my doctor's appt. on Friday. Did a lot of blood tests, but haven't got the results. From my symptoms, he thinks its low estrogen. In the mean time has started me on a very low dose of estrogen to see if we can't get things started. He doesn't seem to think I will need it long term, which I am grateful for. He gave me something different to help me sleep. I was very concerned I might get addicted to sleeping pills, but this new medicine gave me such a headache! I have been doing good with the sleeping pills though. Only take them when I can't fall asleep after 2 or 3 hours. I am so not one to reach for something right away. I HATE, HATE, HATE pills, so all of this really bugs me. I am grateful the doc was comforting and sweet. Unfortunately, I have had way too many encounters with doctors who blow you off, try to dope you up, and send you on your way. I told him I am not one to want "a miracle cure" for my problems. If that had been the case, I would've had this stupid hysterectomy ten years ago! I try EVERYTHING else first. Sometimes, it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time I spend way too much time suffering when I could've just gotten it over with! But, that's how I roll. The estrogen could take up to 3=4 weeks to see if a difference and that's only if the dosage is enough. So, we will see. I have taken two pills already, shouldn't I be cured!???? LOL The fatigue is the worst feeling. I also think I may be getting bronchitis. Who knows. If its not one things its another with me! But, I have a positive attitude and plan on overhauling my eating AGAIN. These last two weeks will take some work to erase, but I can do it!

The hubby is going out of town for a little over a week, so maybe I can get my eating back on track. Its easier when its just me. I have already told my son he can fend for himself this week, that I will be too tired to fix him something and me something. He's usually good about that. After all, he is 20 and well, he's too old to baby!

Thank you again to all of you for your support. I realize coming to blogs and reading the happy, upbeat, encouraging stories are a whole lot easier to deal with and help you in your own struggles. Thanks for taking the time to read mine!


Carlos said...

hang in there cj, just a bump in the road!

Dina said...

I hope the estrogen works for you. Glad you found a good doc! :)

Sifting50 said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling good. Plus having trouble sleeping is like a double whammy. Be gentle with yourself... don't expect everything to be perfect at the same time. I'll hold you in my prayers that you'll get a good night's sleep and quick info from the doc!!


bbubblyb said...

CJ, that's not always true sometimes we need to read the down ones too so we know we aren't alone. Sounds like we've had a similar week. Hang in there, it will get better. Glad you'll have the week to yourself to work on you.

Lynn said...

Do take of yourself! At least it sounds like it is solvable. That has to be a relief, right? I know that whole taking pills thing is not ideal but it would be a great to have a solution.

Good luck getting back on the eating track!

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meandww said...

CJ- I am also making a commitment to get back on is so easy to fall off the wagon, one poor choice, leading to another...

Here's to doing better!

Hope you get the answers you need from the doctors!

Bonnie said...

I hope you feel better soon. I didn't have my ovaries removed when I had my hysterectomy, so I haven't had to deal with the estrogen issues yet. Be careful with the bronchitis. We have been fighting off the upper respiratory infection in my family for the last 3 weeks now. Get some rest and be good to your body.

Debby said...


♥ Dee ♥ said...

The good news is that most of your physical ailments will melt away with your excess weight!

I can't believe the difference in my body since I lost the weight. Even in getting colds! As in, I don't get them anymore!

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