Friday, February 6, 2009


Okay, so I have been working on my positives and negatives and decided just to write them down:

Positives this week:

1) Today is Friday and its my favorite time of the week!
2) The weather was ABSOLUTELY beautiful today, in the 60s!!!
3) I made it through a horrendous day without trying to choke not one person!
(major positive considering the day I had!)
4) My son took me to Longhorn for dinner and I ate very healthy!
5) My husband called me three times today just to see how I was feeling...
Awh, how sweet! (It really is)
6) Paid all the bills this week and still have enough for a bologna sandwich!
(kind of joke with my sister -- she says she's going to win the lottery,
pay off all her debt, and then have enough left for a bologna sandwich!!)
7) I see one of my sons everyday as he is still living at home and I have talked
to my other son almost everyday this week. They are my sunshine!
8) Dear Hubby seems to be getting over his latest "men"opause spell!

Some Negatives this week:

1) Still dealing with UTI and its making me feel like Sh#$!!
2) Feeling more pain now than I did right after surgery!
3) Wanted to choke several parents today (but see above, I didn't!)
4) Tired that the biggest part of my life right now is still getting over
this surgery and its pesky little complications!
5) Have not been OP very well since Sunday and am having some bloating issues due partly to medication and bladder/kidney problems. No excuses though!

Well, as you can see, my negatives are relatively minor. I guess that means my life is pretty good. Oh, there is lots of stuff I could bitch about and believe you me, it would go on and on and on....but I am grateful that my negatives are minor.

So, this next week, I have got to get back on the program, and even if I am still hurting, gotta do some light walking or something. Mostly, though, its about the food. I have got to do better. I have got to cook. I know I have had a terrible week and no excuses....just haven't had the energy or desire to care! Truth and nuttin but the truth!

See ya!


Andrea said...

Well, it's a good thing you have more positives then negetives! :)

run4change said...

This is such a good thing to do. I need to do it more often. I will kind of get down in the mouth and forget that I am blessed you know what I mean. Thanks for the reminder.

CJ said...

Yep, Jason, that's why I do it!! Sometimes, you just have to take stock of what's going on with your day, week, month, life!

HopeFool said...

I'll tell you another positive. You sailed through that hysterectomy. Mine was in June and I am still feeling it. I can't believe how "up and about" you are.

Debby said...

Your positives outweighed your negatives by far! How cool is that??

Carlos said...

much more on the positives than the negatives. go you!

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