Saturday, February 21, 2009

In a cloud

I feel like I am walking around in a cloud. I'm still not doing well. The diet, well what diet at this point. The exercise is almost "nil". I'm feeling like crap. My head is on a fog.

One of the principals in our school system dropped dead with a heart attack on Thursday at school. He was one of my son's middle school principal. Didn't know him well, but he had a daughter in the school where I worked, so saw him a lot. Just really brings you down. Then yesterday morning, my principal, my boss went in for a lumpectomy. When the doctor got in there he found cancer. It was like a punch to the stomach for all of us. I have my problems with her, but I am a compassionate person and well, it just gets you thinking about how fragile life is. Yes, this should make me want to be attacking the diet and exercise right now, but it doesn't. It hasn't made me run for food either. Just basically numb.

I am still having problems with my health as well and its frustrating the hell out of me. I guess another call to the doctor is in order. I have felt like I have been getting bronchitis for three weeks now, but all I have is the wheeze and chest pressure. Doctor checked it out over a week ago but said it was nothing. I don't think its nothing. Its really bothering me!

Okay, done whining. Just needed a place to put it! Thanks everybody!


bbubblyb said...

Dutch, so sorry you're feeling so down and about the principal dying and the other one with Cancer. It really does make you realize how fragile life is. Hopefully tomorrow you'll be feeling better sounds like you could use a ****HUG****.

bbubblyb said...

So sorry I called you by the wrong name ekkk I'm usually good with name, please forgive me.

Kiki said...


I started this health journey because I DID feel my body falling apart and I was afraid of dying. My plan is on a standstill at the moment because I'm down with a blood clot in my leg. Not what I planned but it's making me realize even more how important it is to get this weight off and be healthy once I'm given the okay again by my doctor.

Use these tragic situations of your acquaintances to get back on track! See your doctor and get your "bronchitis" checked out. Take care of yourself! You're worth it!

Tena said...

Goodness, it's hard when people around you die or get a terminal illness. Especially when we aren't feeling that good ourselves! I hope you go to the doctor soon. It's probably an allergy or something but you can't be too careful!

Take care of yourself and don't diet right now, just make a few healthy choices and drink lots of water!

MizFit said...

Im so sorry you are struggling with your health (and always whine :) its your blog).

when that's figured out perhaps start to make a few small changes in your diet? SMALL. little things that will make you feel less like crap. do it for that reason. to lose the fog.
dont even FOCUS on weight!

feel better,


Dina said...

Sorry to hear about all the bad things happening around you. It make dieting a lot harder, because it's so emotionally draining.

Hope you feel better. Have they done a chest xray? I had this lingering cough thing like that and after three doctors visits they did one and it was pneumonia, once I got some antibiotics I felt a ton better in like a week.

CJ said...

Thanks to all of you for the support. It is very uplifting at a time like this.

I will probably be heading to the doctor in the morning after I get to work and get things settled there. Thanks for caring!!! I do appreciate it!

Dutch said...

I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. You know your own body and you should go back to the doctor. I hope you feel better soon.

Carlos said...

hang in there cj. we are all here for you

Estela said...

CJ, I know the just "don't feel good", I told my doctor once that EVERYTHING hurt, and yet they find nothing wrong...mild depression maybe? I've been fighting it for 33 yrs and it comes and goes, have learned to deal with it.

One of my teachers was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept and is in treatment right now, and a high school classmate of mine was broadsided by a 21 y.o., no license, on Thursday at 11 am and my classmate died, a young 53 y.o. How sad...

Take care,
Estela in South TX

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Hey, venting is therapeutic! You do what you need to do to move yourself forward. I have the occasianal pity party over on my blog, myself.

Would you mind a suggestion or two?

I'll assume the yes. :wink:

Stop with the "diet" talk. Diets don't work. I think that has been proven umpteen zillion times in the world. Instead, make small changes everyday that you can incorporate into becoming a way of life. Or a lifestyle. Only use the word diet to describe the intake of food. The "literal" meaning of it. The mindset is extremely different between diet and lifestyle.

I know that I have not been on a diet in the last two years. I've changed my lifestyle. And I'll be this way for the rest of my life. If I were on a diet, the diet would have ended eventually.

The passing of the principal is extremely sad... and motivating. Don't be a statistic. Do things now that will prevent that from being you.

Cancer. Ugh. Live each day to the full maximum, making each day count towards expanding the rest of your life. If our days on this earth are short, we should really be living each one to the fullest, with cheer and happiness, and health and nutrition. Extending our days with every thought and action.

And get a second opinion.

Debby said...

CJ, wow....heap some more on you eh??

Go back to the doctor. You know something is wrong, make him/her believe it. Sometimes they get busy, but going back will let them know you're serious about getting better.

HUGE hugs coming your way!

Pssssttt....exercise, even just a little might make you feel better!

HopeFool said...

That sounds like a rough week. I'm glad you came here to write about it though.

Take it easy on yourself. You'll turn it around!

Lori said...

{{{ hugs}}}

Hope things get better for you soon.

Bonnie said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad! Hope things get better for you soon. Hang in there.

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