Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Note

Still feeling like shit! Doc thinking something bronchial/upper respiratory but the only symptoms I have are feeling like I can't breathe and low grade fever. Did a bunch of tests and that's all he comes up with. Oh, the other symptom, my friend fatigue!

Thanks for the wonderful support you have all given me. I am still reading your blogs and commenting every now and then! I'm just "down" not "out"!


HopeFool said...

I'm sorry. Hang in there. It can't last forever, right?

bbubblyb said...

Sorry you're still feeling like crap. I had that stuff a few weeks back thought it was my bronchitis. Have no idea what it was but it lasted 2 whole weeks. Hope you're runs it's course quick. Take Care.

meandww said...

feel better soon! and get lots of rest! there are so many things going around and everone is saying that they are lasting forever!

Carlos said...

hang in there, seems like the whole world is sick.

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