Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Work helps! What?

So, back at work after the long vacation. Ok, not a long vacation, a very short one. Started back yesterday. Just teachers, no students. Kids started today. Everything went smooth yesterday and today. It was quite refreshing.

Best of all....work kept my mind of my issues with my son. I don't really know what to do. Things are "stable" I guess you could say. Your child hurts, no matter what age, you hurt. As a mom, that's one of the hardest things. I keep praying and that has brought me much peace. I know God has a plan. Me being such a neurotic "planner" myself, I truly have a hard time letting someone else do the planning and me not knowing what's in store......but I have to learn to give to God and let him plan things out. It's part of my own series of control issues I guess! I am not really a control freak, more of a person who doesn't like surprises. Another reason why these issues are driving me nuts. I am trying though. I really am. I am praying for God's help with my own neurotic issues as well as the issues going on with my son and my family! All of you who have sent prayers this way are truly another blessing in my life!

As for food! Two days and counting people! Started WW yesterday (online) and I always have a readjusting period with my stomach when I start eating right again, it's been tough, but not like REAL TOUGH. Just a little upset tummy! I feel better though in spite of that.

I try not to be a down in the dumps person. I got very emotional over the weekend due to "issues" of course, and the hubby didn't understand. He says he hates to see me that way. Yes, I hate getting that way. But, I had my moment, it made me feel better, and now I can think straight! Sometimes you need a meltdown to make things brighter! LOL AT least I do! No, I'm not crazy! No, that's not a twitch! No no....I am perfectly sane! LOL


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Debby said...

Hmmmm not a twitch? Are you sure? Are you really sure??? Both of me have doubts.....

WTG on starting WW when your mind and heart are going through hell. Huge props for that!

Now, if only we could remember where we put our motivation, we could join you!

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