Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here we go again!

Okay, so we are back from the mountains! What a beautiful time we had. Sure was nice getting away from work, stress, kids (even though they are grown).....just me and the hubby! We both are so relaxed (of course sex does that for you). Of course it was back to work today.....think I have my "TWITCH" back! Haha

So, I started WW AGAIN. I am sure there will be times I go off, go on, go off, go on, go off......etc., but I can't quit. So, here I am again! I am doing WW online. Me and a girl at work are doing WW. She's just doing it on her own, I already have an online subscription, so may as well put it to use. So, today was a good day. I didn't like my starting number, but oh don't it!! I made a good dinner tonight and made me some lunch for tomorrow. Planning always helps. I am NOT good at that. I am very bad about waking up, rushing out the door, and then come lunchtime at work, it's OH CRAP.....don't have a good lunch and I screw up! That's just me!

So, just checking in since I had to come back to the real world!

1 comment:

Debby said...

Yay you for getting back OP!!! Do we EVER like our starting number???

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