Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you one of these?

Okay, just wondering how many people out there work in a situation where those who are covered up with work are the ones getting more and more and more responsibility and those who sit, and sit, and sit, and SHOVE 20 minutes worth of work into a 7 hour day get by with doing nothing? Then, its the fat people who are considered lazy. PLEASE!

My sister(who is also my closest friend) and I were talking about this last night. She is in a similar situation. Our mother worked her tail off to raise three daughters, the majority of the time by herself. We were taught a work ethic and inherited the neurotic gene from her when it comes to work. I don't know how to tell people no when they ask things of me, but BUT, I am really beginning to learn. However, the boss is the one pushing all the work on me. Some of it I should not be doing. Stuff we could both get in trouble for if it were found out. Now, granted, the woman is very sick right now, however, I have had this worked shoved on me for years. Sure I have written about this before. It's just getting to me. This the worst time of year.

On the upside, even though I had to dip into my weeklys already, but, am still on program. The ankle swelling is worse today, but am drinking tons of water to help with that. All is well on the food side of things. All is well on the work side of things, I just get overwhelmed and when I see others sitting doing nothing and then griping and complaining when they are asked to move, it really pisses me off!

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HopeFool said...

My husband and I talk about this a lot. 20 percent of the people in any given workplace do 80 percent of the work. Additionally - 20 percent could be fired without any impact on the overall productivity of the unit.

Don't fret it though, hon. Be proud and happy that you're naturally one of the 20 percent who get it done.

Anonymous said...

Holy freakin oh my gosh. I understand. THat is all I can say.

"some of it I SHOULD NOT be doing"

Boy do I understand. I thought I was the only one in the world

bbubblyb said...

I know what you mean about people that don't work as much as others. I think all work places have those types. I always feel guilty for not working enough. Hang in there hopefully things will get better. If nothing else the work stuff does make you more valuable.

Tena said...

Yep, I'm one of those that gets more pushed my way because I never say "I can't". I used to work with someone who always claimed she couldn't learn how to do something, so she didn't have to do it. As a single mom, I was always afraid to say I couldn't do something for fear of being fired.

Hope you are feeling better these days. Sorry I am just getting to this great post!

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