Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OP for three days! WOOHOO

So, I have been on program for three days after having a disastrous four day binge. I say binge, but I didn't go crazy. Just ate what I wanted and didn't count it. I still ate better than I usually do so maybe there is a small NSV in there somewhere!!

Today, I had pizza for dinner and still have points left and that is going high on the point count. I feel so much better and hope I can continue this. Lots of people are seeing a difference. It always has taken about the 30 lb. mark for people to see a difference. Of course, its not people saying anything that matters to me, its the way I feel. I don't come home dog tired (well not AS tired) and I don't ache everywhere every minute of the day. Its getting better. Used to, by 9:00 p.m. I couldn't make it anymore. Now I can stay up with the best of them! But, usually in bed by 10 anyway! LOL. I am sleeping better too. I have had sleeping problems probably for over five years. I stopped sleeping at night when DH was in Iraq for a year and a half. Those were terrible times and I used food to cope A LOT!

So, feeling good right now. Have a very stressful audit to get through in about three weeks and am no where near ready for it. I have too much end of the school year things to accomplish, that I don't have time to get started on my work. Plus having work dumped on me from the boss never helps!

Just thought I would share!

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Carlos said...

glad you have more energy. sounds like you are going to need it!

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