Monday, May 12, 2008

Interesting Mother's Day Weekend

Well, my Mother's Day weekend started out pretty rough. Around noon on Friday, my DH, nor myself could reach our 19 year old son. He hadn't shown up for work, couldn't be reached by cellphone (which is glued to his ear most of the time) and wasn't at home. Well, DS has had health issues and back in January passed out behind the wheel of his truck. Needless to say, DH and I "went there" with our thoughts as to where he might be. For three hours we couldn't reach our son. My husband drove the streets of our town, I called the police and put out a welfare BOLO, and of course, began to pray.

Well, like I said, three hours later, I get a call from my oldest son (who lives about 90 miles away) and the youngest son had gone to his house to 'crash' and just get away. He was stressed and having anxiety issues. OMG---anxiety issues. REALLY? Anxiety is when your son is missing and you think he's lying somewhere in a ditch (literally was in a ditch when he passed out behind the wheel of his truck).

Needless to say, I handled it the way I always handle it. WITH FOOD. So today, I am back OP and ready to repair the damage I caused and get on with losing this weight. I still haven't reached my 10% AND it seems like that goal is so far off when its only about 4 lbs. But, its I have sabotaged myself too many times in the past few weeks.....its my own fault. I only have me to blame.

I really want this to stick. I am going to have to get out of my rut...eating the same old things and start getting some new, lower point ideas. I have a lot of points now, which gives me some flexibility, but know that won't always be the case. AT LEAST I HOPE IT WON'T ALWAYS BE THE CASE!

Had a great mother's day visit with my oldest son. (Youngest son still lives at home and was dealing with his "issues" - so we didn't have the best day as far as that was concerned). The DH and I got to talk to the oldest DS and he got to tell us about his projects going on with him. He is getting his Master's in medical anthropology and is doing some good work in the city he lives in. It was nice having a grown up conversation with my son. Not having that mother/son type talk. One where we could talk like friends. Of course the child was born smarter than I am, so he definitely loses me sometimes, but its nice to listen to. He really doesn't lose me, but I'm certainly no where near as smart as he is!

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Carlos said...

Im glad it all worked out in the end with your DS. I hate when I get stressed, its a huge trigger for me too.

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